Thursday, October 18, 2012

Field Trip with Abby & Jack

What a beautiful Fall day it was on Tuesday, October 16.  I went with Abby's Class on a Field trip to the County line Orchard.  Her mommy is the teacher, so her brother Jack and daddy were able to go to help out too.  What a fun trip it was.  We learned about "Bee's" and watched as apples were being washed and packaged to sell in the barn.  We rode a tractor to the pumpkin patch where we all got to pick out a pumpkin to take home.  We got to visit the little zoo and pet and feed some animals.  We ate our lunch at the picnic tables and swatted bee's who were trying to eat with us.  As we were leaving, everyone got a donut to take with them.  It was the best apple cinnamon donut!
After the field trip was over, I took Jack back home with me to play.  Then we went to pick Abby up from school and they both got to play until it was time to go home after dinner.  It was a great day and I am so glad I was able to take off work to make these special memories with my grand kids.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy "Golden" 7th Birthday Grayson

What a special weekend we had!  Steph, Noah, Carter, Gray & Ivy came for their first visit since moving to Ohio.  She left early Saturday morning to head on to Indiana.  Mike and I left Saturday morning for the airport to pick my sister, Diane up.  Oh the joy I felt when I saw her walking towards us at the baggage claim.  As we were travelling back with her, Noah was texting me to let me know where they were and how close they were.  As we arrived to my moms house with my sister around 12:30, Steph pulled up minutes afterwards.  We could not believe we arrived at the same time.  I was never to excited to hug my daughter and grand kids.  And so, the reunion began.....
We decided to camp out at my moms for the 2 nights Steph was home, so we could all be together and not miss a minutes visiting time.  We had wall to wall blow up beds in the family room and everyone was comfy.
We had 2 Birthday celebrations for Gray.  One on Saturday eve. with his other grandparents and One on his Birthday the 7th at McDonald's with his cousins.  The kids ate and played hard in the jungle gym.  One of Gray's favorite gifts was a stuffed dog I had ordered for him that looks like my Halle dog.  He adores her so much and loves stuffed animals.  I went to Pet Smart and made a name tag for the dog.  Gray kept thanking me all weekend for his dog.  He even put a leash on her and walked her in to McD's. 
It was such a fun weekend and lots of hugs exchanged.  When Steph and kids had to pack up and leave Monday before noon, there were lots of tears.  She had to stop at the dealership she bought her vehicle from to get her oil changed, so she got on the road a little earlier.  After she left, I noticed she had left Gray's Birthday bag filled with his presents.  I asked her if she wanted me to mailed them and she said no.  After her oil change, she drove back to my moms house and we got to spend another hour visiting and eating and hugging some more.  I think it was meant for her to leave the bag, cause we weren't ready to say good-bye. 
Then after she had been gone about 10 minutes, I discovered the kids toothbrushes were left behind.  I will mail them!  We all are looking forward to our next time we can all be together.  We are hoping for Thanksgiving!!!!