Friday, July 29, 2011

55 years and 6 grandkids later

I started celebrating my 55th Birthday on Thursday, July 28th. My friend brought me flowers, baked brownies & treated me to lunch. Friday, I met my cousin Bea and her family for lunch and was surprised when I saw my chair decorated with balloons. Saturday, July 30th on my Birthday, we celebrated all afternoon at Donya's house. She had a housewarming party and included my Birthday and her mom, Mary's Birthday, who was born on the same day and year as I. My neighbor brought over a dozen peach colored roses and the yummiest chocolate dessert. Then on Sunday, July 31st, we celebrated with my immediate family at Red Robin. Monday, Aug. 1 will wind it down with being taken to lunch by my boss's wife.
I received the most awesome gifts for my Birthday. I got the most awesome Coach purse from Steph, Jeff, Noah, Carter, Gray & Ivy. I was very surprised! Nate, Elsa, Abby & Jack got me custom grand kid decals to go on my van. I had been wanting these for the longest time. I bought myself a new cell phone and am able to text message now. I got lots of other goodies. I am feeling so blessed and just so happy to have so many people show me love. It's been the best Birthday. And I felt my dad with me, which made it even more special.
Ivy is missing from the picture. She slept through the party.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random thoughts before turning "55"

In 3 days I will celebrate my 55th Birthday. Here are some random thoughts I will share.....

***For once, I am not worrying about my size.

***I layed in bed last night with a piece of frozen Edwards key lime pie watching "Flipping Out".

***This is my first Birthday without having my dad. Another milestone.

***I love the Beach.

***I am learning how to eat differently since dealing with a sensitive colon.

***I miss eating nuts.

***I miss eating salads.

***I enjoy drinking water more than ever.

***I want to go to the Fair and eat fried veggies and watch Kenny Ahern's act.

***I'm in love with my new fun Candie's sandals I got at Kohl's.

***I need a pedicure.

***I miss my mom, who is visiting my sister in Louisiana.

***I LOVE Edward's frozen key lime pie.

***Notice how I always seem to get back on food?

***I don't enjoy yard sales since losing my dad. He motivated me to go to them.

***I love listening to K-love inspirational music at my desk.

***The longer I am married, the more I appreciate my husband.

***I would love to move into a small house and have less things.

***I would love to live across the street from my sister.

***I watch the Bachelorette but really don't enjoy it. I think it is scripted.

***I still love the Duggar family.

***I could go for a DQ small cone right now.

***Since I have time left on my lunch hour, that's where I'm headed...across the street! DQ....

Happy Almost 55th to me....I am starting to celebrate early....

Monday, July 18, 2011

July Jubilee

July is a very busy month filled with lots of celebrations. Carter turned "9" on July 10th. He always requests that I make his Birthday dessert. He loves torte, because he loves cool whip. So I made him a chocolate torte with extra cool whip.

We visited Navy Pier on July 17. Steph had tickets to see Pinocchio. It was such a great time with Steph, Noah & Carter.
We ate at a delicious Italian restaurant at Navy Pier and walked around and browsed in all the shops. We had to visit the candy store and each of us got our favorite candy. Carter bought a Lego set with some of his birthday money and Noah bought a glow sword.

July 4th Celebration included a parade and picnic. All 6 grand kids were together, which doesn't happen too often. It was so nice to have everyone together and happy.
Jack was waiting for the firetrucks to pass at the parade. All the grand kids were excited to pick up candy that was thrown.
Abby & Jack were thrilled to see Elmo walk by.

The rest of July will bring a lot more celebrations. I think this is my favorite month. Maybe because it's my Birthday month. More celebrations to come!