Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday to Our "Miss Ivy LaRue"

Six years ago today, early in the morning, I shared in the most amazing experience of my life, aside from the births of my 2 children.  My precious Ivy arrived in the wee hours, while her brothers slept in the next room.  It could not have played out more perfect.  I was never so proud of my daughter.  Just the thought of a Home Birth in the beginning makes you a little nervous, but, after researching and learning about how safe they are, the nerves were gone.  I was so surprised I was so calm.  Steph knew what she was doing and I had so much faith in her.  The memory is still fresh in my mind and I hope it will be when I'm 90 years. 
I mailed her presents and she received them 3 days before her birthday.  Grampy and I watched her open them up via Skype.  She was so happy with all her treasures.  The next day she was surprised with a Barbie Dream House from her mom & dad.  She has been celebrating for 4 days now. 
Today, I send Love and Birthday wishes to Ivy LaRue Precourt.  She wears a smile like a happy sunshine.  She looks just like her mommy did at her age.  I see big and great things ahead for this energetic little girl.  I can't wait to play Barbie's and cards with her next month when I go for a visit.  I am taking extra vitamins to keep up with her. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

October Surprise

A few months ago I get a call from my son-in-law Jeff.  He had a brilliant idea and wanted to see if I were up for it.  He wanted to surprise Steph by flying me to Oregon for their 15th Wedding Anniversary, to stay with the kids while he takes Steph away for a day or two.  I told him it looked promising, but I would check with work first to see if I could get away.  It didn't take long to decide that I would be crazy not to go, so I called him back (at his work office, in case Steph saw that I called on his cell phone), to tell him I was on board.  He was going to tell her the day before I was expected to arrive.  He was going to have her pick me up from the airport.
The plans were in the making and my trip was booked.  Now, I had the job of keeping the secret.  I tried not to tell too many people, just in case it were to slip.  I was very proud of myself for keeping the secret.  So....Steph calls me Saturday morning while on her Produce run to pick up her produce basket.  She was so excited.....while on their morning walk at the ocean, Jeff told her the surprise.  He knew she would want time to plan for me coming and for their get away. 
I think she was also surprised that I kept the secret. 
I miss them in the worse way, so I am so grateful to Jeff for this opportunity to come for a visit.  I am sure I will be cooking all of the kids favorites and playing many card games with Ivy...and Barbies.  Who knows, they all might teach me to play poker.  I will even get to see Carter at dress rehearsal for his next play.  I am really looking forward to this trip.  Ocean, here I come!!!!