Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A favorite Christmas gift

I don't usually mention things I want for Christmas. I happened to say that I really really wanted some soup mugs. I like eating cereal or soup out of a mug rather than a bowl. My darling daughter, Steph gave me this special mug for Christmas. It is from the "Friends" Central Perk. I LOVE it. It's gotten a lot of use already and I handle it with loving care. I don't like to let it sit in the sink dirty. I usually wash it right away and put it in it's safe spot until next use. It's the little things in life that bring me joy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's on my mind?

A favorite Christmas gift from Steph & Jeff were tickets to see our favorite group, Celtic Woman. Believe is a new concert which we have seen on t.v. but not live. We have been to 3 of their concerts and were amazed each time at their angelic voices. The neat part is, the concert is on Mike's birthday, March 31 in Chicago. The way Steph had us open them was so clever. She wrapped my ticket inside a Coach wrist let(which I love) and Mike's was in a book on a certain page. She had us open at the same time. She puts a lot of thought into her gifts and we were so happy to receive.


I still have my Christmas tree up. It's in a corner, not in the way. I usually take it down before Steph's Birthday, Jan. 8, but this year I enjoyed looking at it longer. I guess it's time to take it down, maybe by the weekend.


Since my dad passed away, almost 11 months now, our routine on weekends are usually spent with my mom and taking her out for breakfast or dinner. It's been nice hanging out with my hubby and her. I appreciate my hubby so much in helping me and her with her household duties that needs a mans touch. Years ago my weekends were consumed with church activities (without my husband) and now it's consumed in a new way. I'm loving spending time with Mike and doing things with him and helping my mom at the same time.


I'm trying to cook new things, especially what my husband likes. I have been eating less chicken and trying to like fish. Mike will not eat chicken. He loves fish, so I am starting to like tilapia. As long as it's a white fish, I can eat it. We are trying to eat healthier and not having so much junk food in the house. I'm proud of Mike for choosing grapes as one of his snack foods. I was really proud of myself lately, for making a copy cat version of an Apple bee's recipe. Mike had ordered Cajun seasoned Tilapia over rice and corn & black bean salsa. It was on the Weight Watcher's menu. I googled it and found the recipe and made it. It did call for quite a few ingredients but once you make the seasoning, you have it for next time. It makes a lot. He said it tasted just like Apple bee's....Mission accomplished! I served it with steamed broccoli and we had a healthy, delicious meal.


I would like to spend more time with my grand kids this year. I would like to take my grand-daughter's, Abby & Ivy to get their nails done. I would like to take the grand-son's somewhere fun for boys. The cousins don't get to spend much time together and I would love to change that. I have such great memories as a child spending time with my cousins and I have remained close to many of them.


I am loving that we rescued 2 of the most loving, playful doxie dogs, Lilly & Halle. They have changed the mood in the house so much. Our 16 year old doxie, Hanker Boy, tolerates them pretty well. We don't look for him to last much longer. But he's a tough dog. For once, Mike has not only 1 lap dog, but 2. It was meant for them to come and live with us. They remind us of the possums in the movie Ice Age. We got them each a long stuffed toy for Christmas and now our living room floor is covered with white stuffing from the toys. They are so happy to see us when we come home from work. Halle jumps up about 3 feet and Lilly runs to get her toy. They are our little girls.


I started playing Words with Friends on Face book a while back and have 20 games going on now. It's hard to keep them going without getting behind. I find myself waking up at night going to the computer to play a word. I do enjoy it and it keeps your mind active.


So, this is what's on my mind today along with a zillion other things. Sorry if I bored you. I really am trying to Blog more often. And read other blogs. I want to get my old self back again, before my dad's death. It's been a hard year for me. I'm just glad I have my friends and family to lift me up. It will get better. So, what's on your mind?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 35th Birthday Steph!

Today is a very special day. It's Stephanie Ruth (Wilson) Precourt day. 35 years ago today a beautiful baby girl with thick black hair was born. My world would never be the same. Where have the years gone?
Growing up, Steph would choose her Birthday cake right after Christmas. Our tradition was "Baskin Robbins" Birthday cake. She had all the favorite characters through-out her childhood. Her favorite flavor was peanut butter & chocolate. We did do some chocolate chip also.

We celebrated her 35th as a family on the 6th. We had a delicious steak dinner at one of our favorite places in town. Kelsey's Steakhouse. We sat in a very comfy, private area and if the kids wanted to get loud, it didn't bother anyone. I looked around at the L shaped table and was trying to soak up my family...MY family. My 2 children, their spouses AND my 6 beautiful, healthy grand kids. And of course my hubby too. I could have sat their without having a bite to eat, just enjoying the moment of everyone getting together to celebrate their mom, wife, sister, Aunt, daughter's birthday. I have a permanent photo in my mind.

Abby & Gray wanted to sit by me, so I sat between them. I noticed that the closer Abby got to me, Ivy wanted a piece of me too. She wandered over and sat on one leg while we were waiting for our meal. Then Abby sat on the other leg. What a feeling, to have both of my precious grand-daughters on my lap. They giggled and had their own conversation. Ivy said to Abby "do you want to wear our white dresses when we go back to Mimi's house"? I have 2 white flower girl dresses that they love to play dress up in. They never fight over which one they want to wear. It's the cutest thing. After dinner, we all gathered back to my house for dessert. Steph has switched from Baskin Robbins to Designer Dessert cupcakes.

It's the happening place for Birthday Celebrations or any day of the week if you have a sweet tooth. I got a variety of flavors, since it is so hard to choose. We always cut them in half and everyone gets to try their favorite. The adults favorite was the Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese icing. I think it's my new favorite one now. I use to really like the coconut cream.

We sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed the rest of the evening. The cousins played and had a great time running around after the sugar high.

It was a great evening celebrating a special Birthday. She is a busy Birthday girl, getting to celebrate 3 days in a row with friends and other family. I see great things ahead for Steph. She deserves it! Happy Birthday Sweet Daughter. I love you, Mom