Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gettin' ready for Christmas

Our first week of December started out with a concert featuring our Grandson, Noah's school choir. I still can't believe he is in 5th grade. He chose to be in the special choir that meets before school starts. You could see on his face when he sang that he loves every minute of it. He puts his whole heart and soul into his performance. His face shone like an angel. You could also see that he enjoyed sitting between 2 pretty girls. It was so special for Noah to have both sets of grandparents at the concert. With myself and Mike are his other grandma and grandpa, who are a very special couple. I feel so blessed to share our grandparent ship with them.

And, so on to the next activity....while watching Abby & Jack, we decorated the traditional gingerbread house. They asked me if it was ok to sit on the table because in their house it was against the rules. I told them I have a rule in my house that when you decorate a gingerbread house, you have to sit on the table. Jack was more interested in eating the gingerbread and playing with the little candies in the bowls. Since they already have a gingerbread house at their house, I put this one on my piano. It turned out great.
On to our next activity, which was last Saturday. We boarded the "Santa Train" in North Judson, IN., which is only about an hours drive from our house. Nate, Elsa, Abby, Jack, Grampa & Mimi were delighted by the little train station and gift shop while we awaited to get on board for our 45 min. round trip ride. We picked Santa up on the route and he made his way starting in the back of the train, to each child. He sat in each seat and asked each child what they wanted Santa to bring them. We were one of the last ones to talk to him since we were at the very front of the train. Jack told him he wanted "Thomas". Jack loves trains. We got him the Thomas take along train set for Christmas, so he will get "Thomas". When it was Abbys turn she told him she wanted Barbie dolls. He gave each child a little treat bag filled with goodies.
This picture of Jack and Grampa is one of my favorites. I told Jack to put his arm around Grampa and he put the opposite arm around him and faced the wall of the train, with his back to me. We got a laugh out of that.

We walked around the little town by the train station and ate lunch at a little Bakery/Cafe. Jack loved making faces while waiting on his lunch. He keeps us entertained.
The night before we went on the Santa Train, Steph and I went to Chicago to see the Nutcracker. I wish I had a picture to share of this exciting night. We ate at our favorite restaurants, Grand Lux Cafe. It was a perfect evening.

So, as you can see, my December has been filled with lots of fun activities and it has only begun. I wish things would slow down so I could catch up. I want to savor every second of making new memories with my family. I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year. We are all going as a family to a candlelight service on Christmas Eve. This will be a very special time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Whatever activities you are doing this month, enjoy them and capture the memories. This will be the first Christmas without my dad but I know he would want us to carry on and celebrate as if he were here. And that's just what we will do.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome Home Lilly & Halle

Who would have thought that 3 weeks after losing our precious Penny girl, we would be doubly blessed with these beautiful mini sister Dachshunds, Miss Lilly and Miss Halle. I knew it wouldn't be long before Mike searched out another lap dog. He would go on-line every night to rescue sites to seek out that perfect four legged friend who deserved a loving home. He found these 2 on a rescue site in Woodstock, IL. They came to live with a lady, who works for an animal hospital because the owner of the dogs lost her home and couldn't take the dogs with her. She left them in her basement and other people were taking care of them, until they ended up with the lady we got them from. She made sure they were up to date with all shots and even had their teeth cleaned. I broke down and called about them and emailed the lady and eventually we set a time to meet them and would go from there. Needless to say, on Saturday morning, Dec. 3, we made the 95 mile trip to Crystal Lake, IL where the dogs were. At first meeting, Lilly was barking at us and was stand offish. Halle was more brave and sniffed us out. After about 15 minutes of feeding treats and talking baby talk, Lilly was warming up to us and Halle was my best friend. I look over and Halle jumped up in Mikes lap, which made him melt. Then Lilly jumped up in his lap. It only took about 30 minutes and we were in the truck ready to make our journey back home. We knew as soon as we saw them that they had a forever home with us. On our way home, Mike stopped at McD's to get them a biscuit with egg. They were thrilled and gobbled it down.
God works in mysterious ways....
We couldn't believe that Lilly is a dapple daschund. We had a dapple daschund named Lily before we had Penny. After Lily passed away we got Penny. It is very rare to find a dapple daschund that someone is getting rid of.
The lady loaded us up with their belongings and in 1 large bag was a wardrobe with 2 each of everything. From hooded coats to Christmas dresses. When Abby & Jack came over for us to babysit, Abby had the best time playing dress-up with the doggies.

Abby & Jack immediately fell in love with their friends.
Look at Miss Thang in her Christmas dress! I will be taking them to have their pictures taken soon! Stay tuned for more styles.

We do feel so blessed to have found these little angels who needed love and lots of petting. It's a Merry Christmas for everyone!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Sunday to Remember

I had a dream fulfilled today. I met, sat and had the best brunch/conversation with Sharon & Barry Couto from Rhode Island, along with a bestie bloggy buddy, Nancy & Dick Collins. When Nancy emailed me to invite my hubby and I to have brunch with them, I was delighted and shocked. Sharon & Barry were passing through on their way home from a little trip to Chicago and South Bend. They arranged to meet up with us for Brunch. Unfortunately my hubby couldn't join us due to catching a bad cold. I tried to get Steph to be my date, but she was busy with meeting a deadline for work and felt so bad that she had to decline.
It was the most delightful 3 hours of conversation and great food. I was the only odd ball and started with the meal first and skipped the salad. I could have stayed all night listening to Sharon and Barry stories. Sharon has inspired me from day one in reading her blog. I feel like I have known her forever. Her daughters are as lovely as she is. Growing up I always wanted to read books, but I had a comprehensive problem. I found in reading Sharons writings, I am captured in a way that I have never been captured before. She has my attention. So, that's why I started calling her my Favorite Author. She motivated me in a way that I can't explain. Same way with Nancy. I was captured by Nancy's life as a mom and grandma. I can relate to these beautiful women and I am so proud to call them my friends. This week of giving thanks, I am Thankful for people who God puts in your path. Thank you, Barry, Sharon, Dick and Nancy for a Sunday to remember.....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy 77th Birthday mom!

This picture was actually taken on my moms 76th Birthday last year, but I thought she turned 77. I made her the cake and put the 2 # 7's on the cake and nothing was said. My mom even thought she was 77. My daughter, Steph pointed out to me that if she was born in 1934, she will be 77 this year. Duh! So it was like getting a bonus year.
My mom is very special to me. I've watched her go thru many health issues and she deals with pain 24/7 in her back and legs. She also deals with a major hearing loss. My mom is a strong lady. She was a very hard worker and helped support our family while I grew up along with my sister and brother. She was the best cook around and we never wanted for anything. She always put herself above others. My wish for her today is to be free of pain and enjoy the ones around her who dearly love her. We will take her out for dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant to Celebrate and have yummy Designer Desserts Cupcakes, thanks to Steph. I'm just thankful my mom is around for another Birthday and I know my dad is with her today. Happy 77th Birthday mom!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Reunion in September

Sunday, September 25th we gathered for my husband's side of the family Reunion. His sister, Susie in pink and her husband Jerry made the long trip from Colorado. Susie is the oldest of 3. My husband is the baby of the family. I love this picture of Steph with her Aunt Susie. They have so much in common, it's unbelievable. The day before the reunion, we enjoyed hanging out and going to the European Market in Chesterton and then driving over to Valpo to walk downtown, in all the interesting shops and having lunch at a quaint spot. The one place that Susie and Steph shared a love for was the knitting shop. Susie is very talented at making jewelry and loves any stores that have beads or unusual jewelry.

Susie and Jerry are enjoying the lunch at the family reunion. We were able to rent a great little building at a local park that had a playground next to the building and a beautiful fishing pond across the road. Everyone commented at how perfect the spot was and private.
Four of my six grand kids enjoying the unique playground.
This was the fishing pier. We brought lots of fishing poles. Thank God the weather was beautiful and the rain held off. Gray had a blast fishing beside his grampa. I think all he caught was some seaweed, but he still had fun.

Noah had a good time too, as you can see by the smile on his face.

My nephew, Ben was our grill master. He grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, chicken, pork chops and veggie burgers. It was all delicious.
So, we caught my son-in-law, Jeff and Cousin, Bob listening to the Bears Game.....while everyone was fishing or playing. It's ok though, we wanted everyone to be happy.
I love this picture of Uncle Jerry & Aunt Susie with the boys. Jerry loves to teach the boys golf techniques. They went golfing the day the girls and Mike hung out. Gray actually cries to go and play golf with his dad.
My husbands siblings. His brother, Bruce on left with his wife Kathy, Jerry, Susie, Mike and me. This reunion was such a success. We are so happy we were able to get as many family members together as we did. Bruce and Kathy were happy to have their 3 boys and their families and Mike and I were happy to have our 2 kids with their families. It was so nice to see everyone laugh and get re-acquainted. Susie and Jerry don't come often, but I look forward to another fun Reunion in a few years when they come back home. Gram would be so proud!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winning at Life

I feel like such a slacker. I have neglected my blog and that does not make me happy. I know you don't want to hear how it's been hard to know what to write lately. I don't pick up my camera like I use to and that makes me sad. I want to capture all the special moments of being a Mimi again. It's coming up on 9 months that my dad passed away. I spend most weekends helping my mom out and stop every morning before work and make our breakfast and sometimes go after work to take her dinner. I feel the need to check on her often. I don't know what I would do without my husband, Mike. He has been there for Mom and I and stepped up making sure things are running properly around her house. My dad would be so proud.
I love this picture of Carter at his first Bears game with his dad. I have it as my background on my computer. It puts a smile on my face.
Veterans day is coming up. I have plans to dig up a little dwarf size Norfolk pine tree from my parents backyard and plant it on my dads grave. My dad planted a row of Norfolk pine trees years ago and there is one little dwarf one that hasn't grown much. As much as he loved those trees, my sister had an idea to plant it on his grave. So, what better day to do this than Veterans Day, since my dad was a Veteran.
Family will gather and we will plant it. I want the great-grand kids to have a part in planting. I want to hang little flag ornaments on the tree after it is planted.
I will share pictures of the little tree.
If you are a follower of mine, thank you for hanging in there with me. I promise I am coming back full time pretty soon.....I have my camera ready to start snapping pictures of my favorite little people.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Gray!

This picture was taken last year on Grayson's 5th Birthday at Lincoln Park Zoo. What a fun day we had celebrating at one of our favorite places on earth. I could actually go to this zoo every week and never tire of it.
What can I say about my "Grayby"....He is a unique little man. He melts my heart when he Still likes to climb up on my lap and just sit. I have him a very special Birthday gift this year. I know it's something that he has been really really wanting. I can't wait to see his beautiful green eyes light up when he opens the box. We will celebrate his Birthday on Sunday with family. I have the pleasure of making him his special Birthday dessert....a chocolate torte with extra whip topping and sprinkles. Happy Birthday Gray....You are soooooo loved!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Ivy LaRue!

I can't believe my little Ivy LaRue is already "3" years old. She has such a big personality. When Ivy is around, you know it. Every day is a party in her world. I have really enjoyed the past 3 years being her Mimi. She makes you feel so special. When she comes to visit, she runs with all her might and tackles you to give you that big bear hug. Her 3 big brothers adore her, but she calls the shots.

We will celebrate as a family on Sunday with a "Hello Kitty" Birthday party. Ivy thinks it's her party every time someone has a Birthday and it's time to blow out the candles. She thinks she should be the one to blow out the candles. Funny story about my dad's 80th Birthday party we had for him this year, after he blew out his #80 candle, Ivy started to cry real hard. She wanted to blow it out. So, my dad had it lit again so Ivy could blow out his candle. She thought it was Her party. So, it's like a tradition now, at most Birthday celebrations, we re-light the candles so Ivy can blow them out again. She gets so excited and claps....cause every day is her party...
Mimi loves you, ivy larue!! xx00

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sister week

This photo was taken 4 years ago when my sister and I were on a sister vacation in Florida. She is back home this week. Our mom spent 2 months with her in Louisiana and she flew back with our mom to help her home. I remember the evening this picture was taken. Our dad had given me money to treat us to a nice meal in Florida. We ate at a wonderful place near our hotel. He was so happy for us to have this time together. While my sister is home we want to plant a tree on our dads grave. It is a little northern pine tree that he had planted in his back yard years ago that won't grow. It is a dwarf tree. He planted a whole line of trees and this one is the only one that won't grow taller. He loved these trees. His headstone was delivered last week. We went with our mom the end of June and ordered it. It turned out perfect and we know dad would be so proud. When I saw it for the first time it was overwhelming to me. It was final. Everything was complete. We had a beautiful stone to go visit and pay our respects. It has vases on each side to keep beautiful flowers in.
I've been staying at my moms while my sister is home. We talk a lot about our dad and keep his memory alive. This morning I made waffles for breakfast and for some reason the batter made one extra waffle. My sister put the extra waffle in the place where our dad would sit. It felt right. He is not with us anymore in body, but he is definitely with us in spirit. There is a void, but when we look at the sunshine we see our dad. When we see butterflies in his yard, we see our dad. He might be gone, but not forgotten....his spirit lives on....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday gift

I was pleasantly surprised on my 55th Birthday when I saw the "Coach" shopping bag. I knew it had to be a "Coach" purse in that box, inside the shopping bag. My daughter knows what I like and she was determined to full fill my wish. I told her I didn't want her & Jeff spending that kind of money on me. She has 3 boys to get ready for school and she could use the money towards that. She said she had a coupon....and she wanted me to have it. So, I will accept it, without guilt. It came from the heart. I have had so much joy in carrying it, not because it's a Coach, but it is practical and I love how when you open it up, you see everything. It has handy pockets on each side and also the ends have a handy pocket as well. She knows my taste. And it matches my Coach wallet and my pink Coach umbrella. Thanks Steph, Jeff, Noah, Carter, Gray & Ivy.....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our wedding day 8-2-74

37 years ago today, Mike and I said "I do". It was a beautiful summer wedding with lots of yellow & lime green. Daisy's and yellow roses. I loved my dress, especially the back. It is still as white as snow, packed away in my cedar chest. I look back and wonder why I got married so young. I have no regrets though. I am glad I was a young bride, young mom and now a somewhat young Mimi.
We are celebrating our Anniversary this Saturday, the 6th at Serenity Springs in Michigan City. We got to choose a Bungalow cabin overlooking the lake. Ours is called "Sunny Delight". It will be so nice to get away and relax. I would love to celebrate our 40th in Hawaii. Who knows, maybe our ship will come in and we will be able to afford to.

Friday, July 29, 2011

55 years and 6 grandkids later

I started celebrating my 55th Birthday on Thursday, July 28th. My friend brought me flowers, baked brownies & treated me to lunch. Friday, I met my cousin Bea and her family for lunch and was surprised when I saw my chair decorated with balloons. Saturday, July 30th on my Birthday, we celebrated all afternoon at Donya's house. She had a housewarming party and included my Birthday and her mom, Mary's Birthday, who was born on the same day and year as I. My neighbor brought over a dozen peach colored roses and the yummiest chocolate dessert. Then on Sunday, July 31st, we celebrated with my immediate family at Red Robin. Monday, Aug. 1 will wind it down with being taken to lunch by my boss's wife.
I received the most awesome gifts for my Birthday. I got the most awesome Coach purse from Steph, Jeff, Noah, Carter, Gray & Ivy. I was very surprised! Nate, Elsa, Abby & Jack got me custom grand kid decals to go on my van. I had been wanting these for the longest time. I bought myself a new cell phone and am able to text message now. I got lots of other goodies. I am feeling so blessed and just so happy to have so many people show me love. It's been the best Birthday. And I felt my dad with me, which made it even more special.
Ivy is missing from the picture. She slept through the party.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random thoughts before turning "55"

In 3 days I will celebrate my 55th Birthday. Here are some random thoughts I will share.....

***For once, I am not worrying about my size.

***I layed in bed last night with a piece of frozen Edwards key lime pie watching "Flipping Out".

***This is my first Birthday without having my dad. Another milestone.

***I love the Beach.

***I am learning how to eat differently since dealing with a sensitive colon.

***I miss eating nuts.

***I miss eating salads.

***I enjoy drinking water more than ever.

***I want to go to the Fair and eat fried veggies and watch Kenny Ahern's act.

***I'm in love with my new fun Candie's sandals I got at Kohl's.

***I need a pedicure.

***I miss my mom, who is visiting my sister in Louisiana.

***I LOVE Edward's frozen key lime pie.

***Notice how I always seem to get back on food?

***I don't enjoy yard sales since losing my dad. He motivated me to go to them.

***I love listening to K-love inspirational music at my desk.

***The longer I am married, the more I appreciate my husband.

***I would love to move into a small house and have less things.

***I would love to live across the street from my sister.

***I watch the Bachelorette but really don't enjoy it. I think it is scripted.

***I still love the Duggar family.

***I could go for a DQ small cone right now.

***Since I have time left on my lunch hour, that's where I'm headed...across the street! DQ....

Happy Almost 55th to me....I am starting to celebrate early....

Monday, July 18, 2011

July Jubilee

July is a very busy month filled with lots of celebrations. Carter turned "9" on July 10th. He always requests that I make his Birthday dessert. He loves torte, because he loves cool whip. So I made him a chocolate torte with extra cool whip.

We visited Navy Pier on July 17. Steph had tickets to see Pinocchio. It was such a great time with Steph, Noah & Carter.
We ate at a delicious Italian restaurant at Navy Pier and walked around and browsed in all the shops. We had to visit the candy store and each of us got our favorite candy. Carter bought a Lego set with some of his birthday money and Noah bought a glow sword.

July 4th Celebration included a parade and picnic. All 6 grand kids were together, which doesn't happen too often. It was so nice to have everyone together and happy.
Jack was waiting for the firetrucks to pass at the parade. All the grand kids were excited to pick up candy that was thrown.
Abby & Jack were thrilled to see Elmo walk by.

The rest of July will bring a lot more celebrations. I think this is my favorite month. Maybe because it's my Birthday month. More celebrations to come!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sister Visit

My sister flew in for 10 days to visit and help with our mom. She is taking mom back with her for a while. It's bittersweet. Since our dad passed away I have devoted a lot of time and energy to our mom. I wouldn't have it any other way. She is a precious mom. But she does need to get away and I do need the time to regroup. I have let a lot of things at my house fall by the wayside. Working a full time job and running 2 households can sometimes be a little much, but I am proud of myself for holding it all together.
Last night was such a fun, girls night out. We went to see the movie "Bridesmaids". My sister said to me as we were waiting on the movie to start that she thinks this was our first movie together in a theater. I think she was right. We never took the time to go see movies together cause there was always something else to do. We laughed so hard and it was just the right medicine I needed. Although I have had to work while she is here, I manage to get off early and we still have lots of time to spend together. I used my vacation time during my sickness.
We will order our dads headstone while she is here.
Today, we met for lunch and while sitting at the table, she saw a man who reminded her of our dad walk in. It really startled her. She kept saying she would love to see our dad, just one more time. He would have been right there with us at that table, enjoying lunch with us.
It's been hard on my sister with being the first visit back home without dad. We still wait for him to walk down the hallway and say he's putting the coffee on.

I hate to think of the day she and my mom will leave to go back to her house. I will miss them so much. Until then, I will cherish the time we have left to visit and make the most of it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I do not like hospitals

Last Thursday felt like a date night for hubby and myself. He suggested going out for pizza. We went to a local place who really does have amazing pizzas. We couldn't resist an appetizer of cheesy potato soup before our custom made pizza arrived. I was kind of full after eating the cup of soup, so I didn't overdo it on the pizza. It was a very enjoyable night catching up on things going on.
During the night I was suddenly awakened by an awful pain and cramping in my lower stomach, which followed by a trip to the bathroom. This went on all night long. It felt close to labor pains and like a balloon was being blown up in my stomach and was about to pop. This went on thru the next day and night. I was thinking that it must have been the pizza that didn't agree with me. I have had colitis & IBS for a long time and this was the first time I have ever suffered this way. Mike wanted me to call my Dr. but I figured I would just rest and do a liquid diet and see how I felt the next day. Saturday morning I knew it was time to see what was going on since I was only going down hill and I was afraid I would dehydrate. Mike drove me to the ER. Every bed was filled, which meant a long wait. When It was my turn to go back, I was examined and given an IV and some mild pain meds. A cat scan with dye was ordered with blood work. After about an hour later, the Dr. gave me my results. I had an infectious Colitis. I was given the choice to stay the night in the hospital and being treated for the infection thru the IV, or go home with meds and be on my own. It was easy for me to choose staying there, since I was sicker than a dog and out of it. I didn't think I could take the car ride back home. It had been about 27 years since I stayed overnight in the hospital with me being the patient. I have always been the caretaker and now the table was turned.
I was taken to my room on the 4th floor of the hospital and climbed in Bed 1. I had a room mate, Robin in Bed 2. I can't say enough about how Robin was a God send to me. Her and I hit it off really quick. She was a few years older than I but I thought she was in her 30's. She was a beautiful spirit.
My daughter came up to check on me with Noah, Carter & Ivy. They brought the most uplifting cards. I knew I had to get well quick. After they left, I got a visit from my daughters in-laws. It was so nice to pass the time by visiting.
Let me tell you, if you are in the hospital to rest and relax and be left alone, that is not the place to spend a vacation. The nurses were in every hour and I can't believe the number of times Dracula came in to collect blood. I was on an all liquid diet. My breakfast the next morning consisted of yummy vegetable broth, jello, Italian ice & diet root beer. Robin and I dined together and both could not finish our breakfast. She was released after breakfast and we exchanged information to contact each other. Finally by early afternoon my colon Dr. came in to see me and I told her I wanted to go home to recover. She agreed that I could be sent home with instructions and meds and follow up in 10 days. I think if I hadn't ask to go home, she would have kept me another day. I missed my bed. I wanted to be able to go to the bathroom without the friendly IV pole you have to push around.
When I was finally released I was craving lemon rice soup. I didn't know if it was considered bland, (I was never given a list of foods that I could eat) since I was put on a bland diet. I figured it sounded like it would be bland. Mike went thru a drive thru at a local restaurant and got me a quart of the soup. After getting home, I gobbled up a cup of the soup. It didn't agree with me, so I didn't eat anymore. After that, I googled what foods I should be eating.
My daughter brought gluten free groceries over for me to try and suggest that I try going gluten free. Mike went to the store and stocked up on foods I could try. The next few days were filled with pain and living in the bathroom. To make a long story short, 4 days after leaving the hospital, I am starting to feel like myself and am finally out of pain. I owe a lot to my friends on face book and family, for praying for me. I think having a support system is so important when trying to overcome a health condition. My sister was always there for me on Skype, to encourage me. At one point I thought to myself that if my sister could overcome cancer and chemo, I can deal with what I had.
I have to admit that during this week of spending most of my time in bed and the bathroom, I was feeling hopeless and helpless. It was when I started watching inspirational shows on t.v. that really brought me out of the fog.
This whole experience had me feeling as if I were in a valley. I needed to start climbing that mountain and fight this thing. I was not going to let IT win. This morning I woke up and was almost at the top of that mountain. I had a very restful night and was able to tolerate a good breakfast. I wasn't visiting the bathroom as much and I am starting to feel like my body is healing. I am thinking ahead of the game in my meal planning, so I won't grab just anything. I have to totally change my lifestyle and way of eating. I want a healthy colon, and if it means I won't be able to eat pizza for a while, then I can deal with that. Life is too important to screw it up with eating the foods that are poison to my colon.
I have a new outlook today. I can't wait to get back to work
. I can't wait to live again!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Million dollar crocs

For 3 summers I have had the privilege of joining my Sister at her work conference in Florida for 6 days on the beach . The first summer I was able to go, I was so excited to gather things I would be taking. About 1 week before my trip, I met my parents for lunch and after lunch we went in a Hallmark store and I was admiring these colorful Crocs. Before I knew it, my dad came up to me and said go ahead and get them and pick a pair out for your sister. He said he wanted to treat us for our trip. This was typical of our dad. He always wanted to make us happy and was our biggest cheerleader. I think it thrilled our parents as much as it did us to be able to go on a Sister Vacation. They knew how close we were as sisters and it was so important to have that time together.
The Crocs were the first thing I would pack every summer after that. They also became my house shoes and sit beside my bed.

I'm sad to say, we won't be able to go this summer, due to cutbacks at her work, however, she will be flying home for 10 days instead. We will go to our local beach and wear our Crocs and pretend we are on the white beaches of Florida. We will still have our Sister Vacation. It doesn't matter where we are, just so we are together.
My Crocs mean more to me than they ever have, since my dad passed away. I look at them now and they have new meaning. I cherish them more. They remind me of my dad. I can still see the excitement in his eyes when he bought them for me. I cherish that memory. And that is why I call them my
Million dollar crocs....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Lunch Club

Beatrice "Bea" "Beatty Ann" and I are first cousins. Her dad and my dad were brothers. I am from July to October older than she is. I have such great memories as a child, living in Chicago and spending a lot of time with Bea and the family. We were always at each others houses on weekends. We went to church together and hung out whenever we could. I remember us both working in a little shrimp house that was under her home in this big building. We deveined shrimp and our pay was Jays potato chips and a bottle of pop. I will not eat shrimp to this day because of that experience. We were kids, not even old enough to work, but we looked at it as a little adventure. We loved to play house. Her brother, Jamie would be the dad, I would be the mom and Bea was our child. We would sit in their dads car and she would be in the back seat. We would pretend we were going on a road trip and every now and then we would yell at Bea to be quiet or good. We didn't need fancy toys, video games or t.v. to entertain us. We used our imaginations. I remember spending the night with her one night and it was a hot summer night. We had a fan in the bedroom window. When we both woke up, our tongues were black. These are just a few of the memories I have.
Through the years we moved away from Chicago and we didn't get to see one another as much. We tried to keep in touch as much as we could and tried to attend special events together. Time passed and we both got married, then kids and now grand kids.
We had such good intentions and wanted to celebrate our Big 50 birthdays together in the big city, where we grew up, but life happens and we never got around to it. Maybe we can do this on our Big 60.
February 11, 2011 she came to my dad's 80th Birthday party. She brought her beautiful grown daughters, Nikki & Angel. We picked up right where we left off. We laughed, we celebrated. My dad was thrilled to see his precious Bea. He adored her. He was her special uncle Art. That evening after the party when everyone went home, we continued the party by her and my sister texting one another and we were on face book chat as well. We had the biggest laughs. It was like we were at a texting slumber party. No one was sleepy and we were just giddy.
And who would have known that just hours after that, my dad would suffer the stroke.
In the next few days, Bea & her daughters were our rocks. We leaned on them and felt the love and support family should feel from other family members.
When my dad was in intensive care, in the coma, I was praying for God to send the Angels to camp around him and I look up from praying and in walks Bea, in this beautiful snow white coat and her daughter, Angel. God knew I needed them and they were there. I have so many stories during these final days of my dads life but this was one that stood out the most.
After a few weeks passed, we decided to meet for lunch on Fridays.
We formed "The Lunch Club". It consists of myself, Bea & her daughters. And I can't leave out a special member of the family, Jenn, who works at the place we meet at.
This re-connection is just what our family needed. I feel so blessed to have these beautiful people in my life. They lift me up. It's like Bea and I are picking up where we left off when we were little girls back in Chicago. I think of her as my little Sis. It doesn't matter how much time passes....when your soul is always find a way back to re-connect.
And to this, I am truly thankful!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

...It's been 3 months since my dad went to heaven.

...I wake up a lot of mornings and look at the clock and it's dad died at 4:15

...I've neglected my blog because I've lost the desire to journal. I want the desire back.

...My sister will be here in 33 days. It just happens that she will be home on Father's Day.

...I do more frowning than smiling lately.

...My grandson, Noah calls me almost every day at 4:00 to ask how my day was. SMILE.

...My dad use to call me every day at 4:00 to ask how my day was.

...I put going to Curves on hold, since I don't have the time or desire to go right now.

...I am a stress eater and I would like to change that.

...I love having manicures.

...The highlight of Mother's Day was watching my daughter directing "Listen To Your Mother".

...I am hooked on Celebrity Apprentice.

...I am thankful for my husband, loving his mother-in-law like he does.

...I love listening to K-love radio while working.

...I enjoy Sunday mornings having breakfast out with hubby and my mom.

...I'm sad that we won't be going on our Sister Vacation this year to Florida.

...I miss my hairdresser, Vicky. My hair has been very sad since she passed away.

...I'm burnt out on chicken salad.

...I would love to go back in time and have a slice of Sally's cheese pizza at Woolworth's with my sister, with ketchup on top, of course.

...I'm looking forward to my new King size bed, thanks to my daughter, Steph.

And on this thought, I will sign off....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4 year Bloggerversary

May 2, 2007 was the birth of mimistoes and my blogging world. I can't believe I've been at this for 4 years. I have enjoyed writing down my thoughts and showing off my grand kids and what I do in my world. I would like to be able to blog something every day, but some days I just don't know what to say. The biggest reward I have gotten since starting this blog have been the wonderful friends I've met along the way and the ones that have stuck with me, I appreciate so much. I do admit I've gotten a little off the course since losing my dad, but I am trying to get back on the path. Thank you to everyone who still tunes in each day, week or month. I try to visit your blogs as much as possible. I love you all!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Jack Jack!

" It's MY birthday today and I am "2" whole years old".
What a blessing this little guy is to our family.
My #6 grandchild, precious Jackson Kent Wilson is already 2 and I can't believe the time has passed so quickly. He brings so much Joy to our family. He loves Choo Choo trains and how fitting, at his birthday party on Saturday at the park we celebrated at, a bunch of trains passed by and he was so excited. I love this precious child so much and I pray blessings on his little life today.

Happy Birthday Jack Jack, Mimi loves you!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Memories 2011

There are "two" missing in this picture...I wish all "six" of my grand kids could have been together Easter, but life isn't always fair. We still had a great day.
Steph's in-laws graciously invited Mike, mom and I for Easter dinner. I contributed by making a ham, new recipe of mac & cheese & the traditional pistachio torte.
After lunch and Ivy's much needed nap, I hid "94" plastic eggs filled with goodies, such as money and McD's certificates. I gave each a plastic crayon bank to put their change in. It was a big hit. To make the Easter egg hunt fair, Noah & Carter were told to only find 23 eggs each to give the little ones a chance. It worked out great cause they helped their other brother and sister. Team work! After it was all over, they got almost an equal amount of money.
It was a nice relaxing day but I did feel the loss of my dad not being there. We went by his grave on the way home and put a pot of Easter lilies there.

Just another milestone to get through. Another holiday come and gone.
I wish things would slow down so I can catch my breath.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Elsa!

I was blessed with the greatest daughter-in-law, Elsa. Today, I honor her on her 30th Birthday. She is a God send to our family. She is such a devoted wife and mother. She is so giving of her time. I wish her blessings on top of blessings today as she celebrates a special Birthday, with her twin sister Kari.

I love you Elsa!