Monday, August 31, 2009

My kind of weekend

I like weekends when you go with what you feel like doing and not with what you should be doing. I spent some of my Saturday morning at a garage sale with two of my favorite bloggy buddies, a mother and daughter, Bacardi Mama & Show Some Lovin. I found some neat treasures there and even had a chance to sit and chat a while. They are only about 20 minutes away, in the next town. Then, I decided to travel to the next town to visit my daughter and the grandkids. We enjoyed sitting outside and watching Ivy walk and stubble around and the boys hitting golf balls. Then I figured it was time to go and get some groceries, if hubby and I wanted to eat, so we went to the store, came home, made lasagna and finished up the laundry.
Sunday was another fun day of meeting Steph & family for lunch and back to their house to watch the kids play and hubby to fix a bike chain. Then on to visit my folks and home. I did pick up the broom 1 time to sweep the entry way. My dishes were done, bathrooms sanitized and laundry did get finished. So what if I didn't vaccum or dust. The only thing that matters is, I didn't feel the guilt I use to feel when out of my routine. I am beginning to like weekends better these days.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I love Fridays!

Happy Friday guys and gals! I promise I will share pics of the few treasures I got from my trip to Shipshewana soon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation Day

Hubby and I are taking a vacation day tomorrow to go to Shipshewana.
It's acres of flea market, shops and fun places and it's in Amish Country. It will be a nice drive, only little over an hour from where we live. They are an hour ahead of us. I will share with you when we get back all the treasures we find. It's just nice to get away together.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The saga of the coach purse

I had my heart set on a Coach cross/body purse for my birthday. I needed a smaller purse that I could carry to places like shopping, flea markets, the fair, yard sales........Some of my family members gave me money for my birthday knowing I could get what my heart desired. I made the first trip to the Coach outlet and settled on one that was a little larger than I had wanted, but I made the purchase. I got home and my heart wasn't satisfied with it and the zipper seemed to stick (or was I using this as an excuse) at not really being happy with it. I waited 1 week, then went to return it and got the smaller one that I originally was going to get. Well, I got home with it and tried it out. I crammed my wallet, glasses case, keys and cell phone in it and couldn't even fit my fingers in it after that. I asked myself, "why would I pay a large amount of money for something that is not practical and I can't even fit my needs inside"? I am paying for the "C"? This is not me, I am a practical person and it really weighed on my mind all week. So, in the meantime, I was walking thru a Fashion Bug store and a cross/body purse caught my eye. It was calling out my name. It appealed to me. It spoke practical. It spoke affordability. It matched my body type and even came in lots of nice colors. That's when it hit me.....So, yesterday, my hubby was kind enough to drive me back out to the Coach outlet to take back the 2nd purse. I was honest and told the gal that it just didn't meet my needs and I ended up buying a very pretty pink umbrella that was on sale! I really needed a new umbrella! I went to the Coldwater Creek store and got the cutest, very much needed jean jacket, ON SALE. Don't get me wrong gals, I still like Coach purses and will continue to carry the ones I have, but until I win the Lottery, I will stay out of the Coach stores. I still have part of the refund I didn't spend. I am at Peace with my decision.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Birthday wishes to Debbie & Nettie

I have a Dear Friend Debbie and her daughter Nettie, who are both celebrating their birthdays today. I cherish their friendship and wish them the happiest day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School days

It's that time again. The school bell will ring and class will be in session. Children will be sporting their new duds and carrying the latest fashion in back packs. Pencil sharpeners will get a work out. Gee, I miss those days as a parent and former employee. I can remember making a sign for Steph & Nate to hold up under our large oak tree that read " 1st day of 1st Grade" or whatever grade they would be in. They would roll their eyes and say "Oh mom". Thoughts and prayers are with all of my dear friends who are Educators as well as my little student friends and especially my 2 grandson's as they start back to school today. I use to work in a classroom for many years when my kids were growing up and when this time rolls around, I get a little emotional. Have a Great First Day Back to School!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

don't cry over spilled tea

If you read my last post about the raspberry spill......................................
I spent Saturday cleaning behind, under, inside and even on top of my frig. Hubby put down new baseboards behind the frig because he noticed a little hole that our little friends (mice) have been using to come and visit. I also found a great sale at K-mart on new Rubbermaid pitchers, (thank you friends for the suggestions). I woke up on Sunday with every muscle in my body hurting just from cleaning the frig. It was a great work-out. I guess the morale to my story is: "don't cry over spilled tea", everything happens for a reason. I improved my health by working out AND got a clean frig in the process. So, mr. mouse, sorry we spoiled your entrance!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Raspberry tea made me late for work

Have you ever had one of those mornings? I got ready for work this morning and had some extra time, so I made hubby his 100th gallon of his favorite drink, raspberry tea and put it in the frig. I had to get back in the frig and when I opened the door, the WHOLE gallon of raspberry tea (yes, red) fell on top of my feet, drenching my white sandals, flooding the kitchen floor in front of the frig and stove. I could not believe what I was seeing. I didn't know if I should grab the paper towels or shop vac or bath towels. I just soaked up as much as I could and most of it went under the appliances. I will have to deal with that after work today. I did put some cleaner on the walking area so our feet didn't stick to the floor. I guess it's a good excuse to pull out the appliances and do some cleaning. I am glad the gallon container was not glass, so I guess it could have been worse. My blind dog, Hank, was walking thru the river of red. After giving my feet a bath and cleaning my shoes, I was out the door for work. My boss laughed at my story. I am now on a mission to find the perfect gallon container since the bottom did get bent up. I've tried the pampered chef ones with the plungers but it is hard to clean. Anyone have a suggestion?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweetness Monday

I babysat Jack & Abby yesterday for a few hours. Abby was so proud of her girly dress. She loves to dress up. She chose to get her ears pierced last week, just like her mommy. She is 2 years old going on 16. She is fully potty trained and when you take her to the potty she politely says "I need some Privacy Please" and she wants you to leave the room. She wants to get her hair cut. It is way past the middle of her back now and so beautiful. Jack is just as cute as can be. He does the belly laugh now for me. He is already 3 months old. They are both so entertaining.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"To Laugh is to Live"

I was lucky enough to go to our County Fair 2 times while it was in town last week. One of my favorite things to do is to get the fried veggies & lemonade and go sit on the bleachers and watch Kenny Ahern's variety show. He does not speak to the audience, but uses hand motions and facial expressions and uses the kids in his show and they know just what to do. The boys were so in awe of him. On our 2nd trip to the Fair, we were sitting at a picnic table eating and out of the blue, Kenny came walking by and just came and sat down to visit with the boys. Carter, the non-shy one, just talked to him like he was his best buddy from 1st grade. In fact, at the show, Carter did run upon the stage to be a helper. We are really not sure if Kenny did motion for him to come up, but it brought a lot of laughs from the audience and that's what his show is all about. I think our world needs more of this kind of entertainment. It is just so pure and innocent. Thanks Kenny for entertaining us! See you again next year. I will be the mimi sitting on the bottom bleacher holding a huge snow cone surrounded by 3 boys and a little girl, with spoons digging in.
My blog title is a quote from Kenny.