Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mr. Bear takes a long ride

Monday, the moving truck left with a house full of furniture, boxes, bikes, toys, clothes & household items.  Mr. Bear (Noah's first lovie) was looking out of a clear bin. daughter of 35 years is making a brand new start in a brand new town with her beautiful children and husband.  Even though there is an emptiness in my heart, there is also a Peaceful feeling. 
Mike and I went to their empty house to take all the garbage out for garbage pick up the following morning.  We carried stuff out for 2 hours.  This gives an idea of how much stuff that was no longer needed or making the long haul to Canton.
I had the chance to walk around inside the empty 3 story house that once was filled with so much life. 
I found myself in Steph & Jeffs old bedroom where I stood on the very spot my beautiful grand-daughter, Ivy LaRue was born.  I let my mind take me back to the early morning when I was there and knelt with my daughter as she gave birth.  What an awesome memory that I will cherrish forever.  I walked across the hall to the kids bedroom and let my mind go back to the times I would babysit and tuck them in and read them stories.  I walked into the bathroom where I sat many times on the closed toilet seat while bathing and watching so much life play in the tub.....picking out the perfect hooded towel to wrap them in.  I stopped and looked around at the dining area where I could picture hand holding at the table before meals, praying over their food.  I looked at the counter in the kitchen where stools once sat which were filled with hungry little bodies or just sitting working on crafts.  Oh, the memories in that little house filled with love.  What's really surprising is, I didn't cry while walking around.  I actually felt such Peace and excitement for this new adventure they are starting.  I know in my spirit that they are following God's perfect will for their lives. 
Before they left, Noah and I carved his initials in his tree that my parents planted for him when he was born.  His eyes lit up, knowing that when he comes back to visit that tree, they will still be there. 
In 9 days I will see them all again when my mom and I drive to Canton Ohio for Labor Day weekend.  Anticipation!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The final days

We have been trying to lighten Steph's load with this move to Ohio by helping a little where needed.  We went out to her house yesterday after work for Mike to paint the heat/air registers in the house.  They have spruced up the house to sell and it's looking amazing.  Fresh paint on the walls and a little tweaking here and there really makes the difference.  Our nephew, Ben, is an amazing handy man, or should I say, miracle worker when it comes to ANYTHING needing fixed.  He was truly blessed with a great talent.  He has really been there for Steph & Jeff during this time.  He stepped in and took charge and did what had to be done, without complaint.  THANK YOU BEN! 
While we were at Steph's, we watched the "Grands" while she went down the street to the Nail salon to get her nails done and toenails painted for an upcoming wedding she is in this weekend.  She has been so busy with packing, she is trying to fit everything in when she can.  I took the "Grands" to the backyard and we played a game called "Freeze".  I tell them to run around and when I say "Freeze" they freeze their body into an animal and I have to guess what animal they are.  They love this game.  As we were playing, I had a wave come over me that this will probably be the last time I run and play with my 4 grandkids in their first backyard.  We had 11 years of good times in that yard, playing "Freeze".  We played until their mommy got home.  Ivy was sad to stop playing.  The next time we play it, we will be in their North Canton, Ohio yard on Angel Dr.  I can't wait! 
My mom and I are planning a trip over Labor Day weekend to see their new house.  Noah keeps bringing that up....and is anxious for me to see where their new life will be. 
The "Grands" will be staying with us this Friday night and Saturday while Steph and Jeff go to Chicago for the wedding Steph is standing up in.  This will be our last time being together before they make the big move on Monday.  I got lots of goodies and things planned with their cousins so we will have a fun time.  It might be the final chapter on Cub Run in Valparaiso Indiana, but it's a new chapter starting Aug. 20, on Angel Dr. in Canton Ohio....Bittersweet!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Starting over

I've been going through a whirlwind of mixed emotions lately with all the changes going on in my family. 
My Birthday, which was last week, was spent on the couch after work, dealing with another colitis flare up.  I have no clue what set it off, other than, maybe the few fried veggies I ate at the fair a few days before.  My Birthday dinner consisted of egg noodles and crackers...Happy Birthday to me! 
I felt inspired to pick up some books that I had been letting go by the wayside and never finished.  "Battlefield of the Mind" & "Women to Women" by Joyce Meyers.  Let me tell you, they really blessed me and encouraged me in such a way that I can't explain.  I could feel sorry for myself and ask "why me"?  If it's one thing I have, I can say I have Faith.  I believe in the power of prayer.  I confess every day that I am healed of Ulcerative Colitis.  The flare ups may pop up every now and then but I will not let it beat me and ruin my life.  It's not what defines me.  I admit, I have been living in Fear and have anxiety when going out in public, always looking for where the bathroom might be, just in case.  I will not live in Fear any longer.  I love my little book that Steph gave me called "The Bible Cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome" by Don Colbert, M.D.  I keep it in my purse and pull it out when I need some advise.  A lot of the cause of this condition is "Stress".  I have had my fill of stress, believe me.  The advise he gives for Getting a Grip on Stress is to Forgive, Forget and Apologize.  Wipe clean your Slate.  Understanding the types of stress.  Renew with God's Word.  And the most important for your mind, body and soul is to Reinvigorate with Exercise.  I finally started doing this last night and let me tell you, do I ever feel Reinvigorated!  Just starting out riding the bike for 20 min. and walking on the treadmill for 20 min. gave me so much energy.  It made me ask myself, why did I ever quit doing this?  I know that part of my healing is going to be to destress and the key to destressing is exercising.  And of course, I also started watching my portion sizes when I eat.  My menu is very limited anyways, due to so many foods that I have to avoid.  I don't want to over eat though on foods that I can have.  It's a new start again, but I feel good about it.  One step at a time....