Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm back

I can't believe I let "July" pass by without ONE post.  We celebrated the 4th by going to a cook-out at our daughter-in-law's parents.  We had so much delicious food and watched the kids swim. 
On July 6th, we went to our great nephew, Aric's high school graduation open house.  It's hard to believe they grow up so fast. 
On July 23rd, Jack had his tonsils taken out.  He was a sick little guy for over 1 week, in pain...eating lots and lots of Popsicles.  But it helped with his breathing and his snoring is completely gone, so it was a success.
And it's a Special Birthday month, to boot!   #2 Grand-son, Carter Wilson Precourt's Birthday was celebrated on July 10th.  At his age, money is the most appreciative gift to give and especially easy to mail to Oregon.  He has a love for Legos, so he was able to add to his collection. 
I also celebrated my 58th Birthday on July 30th.  Gee, typing the numbers "58" sure was difficult and doesn't seem real.  Sometimes I feel it but most times I still feel like a kid.  It was a very different Birthday for me.  I was feeling a little discouraged, I guess cause since my dad passed away, my Birthday hasn't been the same.  He loved to celebrate, taking me to lunch at Olive Garden or just his laugh when I walked in his house on my Birthday and sometimes being greeted with balloons and a card with money or a special gift.  Don't get me wrong, my family and friends also make my Birthday special.  In fact, I was treated to Olive Garden by my co-worker, Glenda, who also baked me a Key Lime cake and 2 quiche.  She also brought me beautiful flowers.  
I had the most unexpected blessing the day after my birthday from a Client at work.  They came in the office to pick up their Land Survey and pay.  They admired my Birthday flowers from my co-worker Glenda.  I told them they were given to me for my Birthday.  Well....after they left, I get a call from the Client, asking me what my favorite flavor cupcake was.  They wanted to bring me a designer cupcake for my Birthday.  I told them that was so nice of them but they didn't have to do that.  They insisted!!  So, I told them coconut, key lime or banana.  They show up later on with a pretty pink box with 2 cupcakes the size of a small cake and really too beautiful to eat.  And not only did they give me the cupcakes but there was a card on top of the box, which I opened up after they left.  It said "Happy Birthday to someone special" and a hand written note on the inside that read " Rhonda, You are truly a very special and sweet lady.  We appreciate all of your help.  We hope that life for you and yours is filled with good health, happiness, peace and love.  Luck, Love and Blessings, Jim and Judy Marsh.  I burst into tears when I read it, but was more shocked to see the $50 bill that was also inside.  It made me immediately think of something my dad did.  I called them and thanked them and told her my dad use to give me cards with $50 bill inside and she told me that it was a gift from my dad.  She is truly an Angel on earth. 
And my Birthday continued on into the week.  I got a surprise box of goodies from my sister.  My Oregon family sent me the cutest pair of Dachshund earrings before my birthday.  My sweet mom gave me money to clothes shop before my birthday.  I got 2 nice outfits.  My sister-in-law gave me a beautiful crystal vase.  I got a really nice beach chair from Nate & family.  Mike took me to dinner.  So, it turned out to be a great 58. 
So now we are headed into August, a new month.  Our 40th Wedding Anniversary was Aug. 2.  Wow, we made it to 40 years and where did the time go?  My ideal 40th celebration would have been to renew our vows at the beach with our kids and grand kids there.  Maybe we can do this on our 50th?  Mike is still my best friend.  I miss him when he is not around.  Grocery shopping is not the same without him with me.  He is my helper with mom.  He listens to me gripe and moan about non sense stuff.  I listen to him snore in the lazy boy minutes after he has read the clock work!  We might not have the perfect marriage but we are blessed to have 2 Gifted children, and their amazing devoted spouses and 6 of the sweetest blessings on earth, our grand kids.
August brought a visit from Mike's sister, Susie and her husband Jerry, from Colorado.  They were here from the 15th until 24th.  We had a very nice visit with them during the 9 days they were here.  We went to a Memorial for Jerry's sister, April, who had passed away in January.  I prepared a nice dinner one night for them, which consisted of ALL gluten free foods, since they are gluten free.  It was a challenge, but I mastered it.  The chocolate cake was to die for.  The highlight of their visit was a little family reunion the day before they went home.  I managed to pull it all together and get most of the family who lived around our area.  We all met at our favorite local pizza restaurant in a private room.  Lots of laughter filled the room.  It's always nice to get together with family. 
And so, August is slipping away and soon will be September.  My mom is taking a one way flight to my sister's in Louisiana on Sept. 6 for who knows how long.  Her idea is to stay for 6 months to see if she could be happy living down there.  And, if she decides to move, we will sell her house.  Since my brother-in-law is retired, she would have someone with her all day.  My sister's work schedule is more flexible than mine and she gets more time off than I do, so she would be with her a lot.  It would be an ideal situation.  There are more family members down there to dote over her and do things with.  I really do pray it all works out and she can be happy.  At least she would be out of the cold weather and snow.
Stay tuned for more of September happenings.....until then, I'm back!