Friday, November 27, 2009

A perfect Thanksgiving

It was a most perfect Thanksgiving at my daughter, Steph's house. I cooked and took food over there and it was very comfy, just the 8 of us. Grampa, Gray, Mimi, Ivy, Steph, Carter, Jeff & Noah. My son had to work, so they were unable to make it. My parents are out of town visiting my sister. We ate early, around noon, so we could have the afternoon to play and relax. We read a favorite book, No t.v. was on. It was very peaceful. Later in the afternoon we went to see the movie "Fantastic Mr. Fox, a 1970 Storybook Tale by Roald Dahl's. Some of the voice stars are George Clooney & Meryl Streep. I would highly recommend this movie. The boys finished off 2 large buckets of popcorn and sat as still as could be, really into the movie. Ivy stayed home to nap with daddy and grampa. After the movie was over, we went back to Steph's house and ate our second meal for the day and played a game that Noah invented called "write down what you are thankful for". We all sat around the table writing down on little slips of paper what we were thankful for and put them in a ceramic pumpkin. After everyone was done, Noah read all the thankful sayings. It was the highlight of my day. Seeing my grandson reading the many notes with a smile that radiated like a lit up Christmas tree was worth a million dollars to me. That was what Thanksgiving was all about for me.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Give Thanks

On this Thanksgiving Day I am reminded of All the Blessings God has bestowed upon us. I have met so many wonderful Blogging friends thru this little Journal of mine I call Mimi's Toes. Who would have thought that 3 years ago I would still be typing my thoughts and sharing so much with all of you. I just want to say how special each and every one of you are to me. Even the friends who don't have a blog and just come to check out my world means so much to me. I love you ALL and wish only the Best of Thanksgivings to each one of you. Whether you spend time with family or friends, make sure you stop to Give Thanks.
On a lighter note, don't forget your family pets. They like to celebrate too, with turkey and ham in moderation.

Weigh in # 4

I have had a rough month of fighting bronchitis and as soon as I got over that, I caught a viral infection. I am now at the tail end of the remains of the dreaded cough, but I feel Alive again. I am tired of spending my weekends in bed, resting, so I could work during the week. I am vowing to take my vitamins and getting my rest and trying to avoid virus's.
So, I was only able to go work out at Curves 1 time last week. I did however stick to somewhat of a normal diet, if you call living on soup normal. My doctor was very pleased at my weight loss from 3 weeks ago when I went in for the 2nd viral infection. So, my weigh in Today results are.....down another 1 lb. total 7 lbs. lost. I am very pleased with my progress. I hope to at least maintain over the Thanksgiving Holiday. I am making better food choices and how I prepare my food is very important as well. I was at Curves this morning at 6:00am. and feel so energized. Instead of shopping on Black Friday, I decided I will go workout instead, since I am off work and will make that day all about ME. I hope everyone else had a good week. Let's eat turkey!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weigh in week #3

This week has been very hard for me but I managed to lose 1 lb. Total 6 lbs. lost. The bronchitis I had 4 weeks ago is back and I've been having a battle trying to get rid of it. It has hindered my work-outs at Curves. I was at Curves 5 mornings in a row at 6am last week, but this week I've only been able to make it 1 time. I am going back to the doctor today to see why it keeps coming back and hopefully get something to take care of it. Hopefully next week I will have a better report.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 75th Birthday Mom!

If I had to pick one word to describe my mom, it would have to be "unselfish". I have never met
a more giving person. She was a very hard worker as I was growing up with my older sister and younger brother. She worked very hard and even suffered a disability in later years due to the hazards of her job. She had to take a medical retirement. I want to honor her today, on her 75th Birthday because she is so deserving. One of the things we like to do as mother and daughter is go clothes shopping. She has a pink walker with a seat that she pushes around, so when she gets tired, she just sits. I usually scout out the outfits I think she might like and take over to her, but sometimes I lose her and can't find her, and when I do, she is looking through the racks of clothes looking herself. She loves to go eat at Olive Garden, which we usually end up our shopping trip with that treat. We are pedicure buddies. She loves to treat me. My husband told me many times that he has the World's best mother-in-law. He says she is a very Classy lady. She loves to get her nails done and look pretty. My mom has 4 grand kids and 10 great-grand kids. I wish you a very Happy Birthday today Mom. She is in Louisiana visiting my sister, so they will celebrate today.
Love you so much!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rest in peace sweet camera

So, this was the last picture my dearly beloved Nikon Coolpix
camera took that chilly October day. I will paint the picture for you.........My dear (like sister) friend in the back and I went to our beautiful River walk (Lake Michigan) near our home for a walk on the trails. We stopped to take our picture, which I held my camera out on this one. I didn't like how big my face looked so I had her stand in the front on the next shot and hold the camera, which proved to be deadly for my beautiful pink camera. She dropped it with the lens zoom out. It fell on concrete and jammed the lens. Talk about someone feeling so bad, she was so upset at dropping it. I told her it was an accident and hopefully could be fixed. Well, it can't be fixed, so I am looking to buy a new one. She even offered to give me her camera. I learned that when you use or have someone else use your camera to make sure you or they use the handle for the wrist for safety. That's why they put it there.
So, this explains why you haven't seen new pictures of the grand kids lately. I really miss my camera so much. I am shopping around to replace it and this time get an extended warranty. I hope to have a new one by Thanksgiving. I think I will use this picture as my before picture....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weigh in #2

This morning I went to my 6 am Curves workout and weighed in to report to the Sisterhood. I was the same as last week, maybe a few ounces less. I don't like the scale at Curves cause it's not digital. It is like the doctor scales that always weigh you more. So I maintained, which I am not complaining about and I am not discouraged.
I have really noticed a change since eating right and working out for 2 weeks. My clothes are feeling better, I am not out of breath walking up and down my stairs in the house. My knees are feeling better. I am starting to like myself again. I am proud of myself for making better choices when we go out to eat. I love the Weight Watchers menu at Applebees. I couldn't believe I was craving broccoli. Apples even have a better taste to me. I am so thankful for all the support I am receiving from everyone including my neighbors. I have the best group of ladies on my block who are also on health care programs and we stand on the sidewalk sharing our different workout programs and food tips. It's really been fun this time around getting healthy. And, I am so proud of my sister for jumping on board too and making better food choices.....Let's ALL get healthy's more fun as a team.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby update

I read the news on facebook this morning at 4:30 when I couldn't sleep for thinking about Erin. Erin & Jack's baby Emery arrived last night around 11:30 ish. She weighed in at 9 lbs. 4 oz. and was 21 inches long. Mommy and baby are doing good...just tired.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Girl, Emery's Birth Day

Today is an exciting day for Erin & Jack. Erin is scheduled to go in today for an induction and meet her new baby girl, Emery Paige. I have grown to love Erin thru this wonderful Bloggy world. I am proud to say that I am Emery's cyberspace Mimi. Prayers go out to Erin for a speedy labor and safe delivery. Go on over and show her some love. Can't wait to hear the news that Emery is here and see pictures.
P.S. I am sorry if you are unable to view Erin's blog. It was brought to my attention that she would need to invite you if you are not a regular viewer.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Celtic Women "Isle of Hope"

My hubby and I are BIG fans of Celtic Women. They are Irish singers with unique angelic voices. We are going to their new concert, Isle of Hope at the Star Plaza tonight. If you have never heard these Angelic voices, you must listen to them. We have seen them several times in concert. The violinist is a one woman show. She is so full of energy and all over the stage. I'm really looking forward to an evening of relaxation and reflexion.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shrink-A-Versary Weigh In Week 1

It's already week 1 for the Sisterhood Weigh In. So much has happened this past week, where do I begin? I recovered from Bronchitis, joined Curves workout and got my eating under control. I am happy to report a "5" lb. loss this week! With all of the medications I was on, I think that's pretty good. I really tried to eat more veggies, fruits, protein and less carbs. I drank more water. I was at Curves at 6:00 am. 2 mornings, which really energized me. I have my workout clothes to change in after work today to hit it hard again.
Monday we are starting to log our steps as a challenge. I need to get a fresh battery for my pedometer and get ready. If you would like to join us, click on the button and check it out. I'm feeling so much better eating right and moving more. My innertube is deflating, which is a great feeling.....