Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday Noah!

The Birthday Boy is holding an exciting's the new State they moved to. 
What can I say about my handsome 12 year old Grandson, Noah Jeffrey Precourt.  He is the most sweet spirited 12 year old.  I can remember the day he was first special.  I can remember holding up the hospital walls, waiting for the news that he was born.  Sharing this excitement with his other grandparents and his great grandparents.
He is a wonderful Big brother to Carter, Gray & Ivy.  I see the leadership in him when they are all together.  He is very responsible and very caring.  He has a permanent smile on his face.  This is the first year we are not able to be together for his Birthday, but thank God for Skype, we were able to see his sweet face on his 12th Birthday and sing to him and watch him open presents.  He was so excited to be able to go to Red Robin to celebrate with his favorite meal "Mac & Cheese"....and a free Birthday Burger...And to go shopping for an X-Box from his parents...and a new iPhone.  I would say it was a very special Birthday for Noah...and he is so deserving of it!  Noah is my heart...just like my other 5 grand kids...Happy Birthday Noah!  Mimi loves you to the moon and back...

Friday, February 15, 2013

2 years ago...

Dear Dad,
It seems like yesterday that I was standing by your bedside at the Hospice center, making sure your lips were moist with a swab, dipped in water, combing your hair, putting lotion on your tattoo covered arms and wondering if this would be your last day on earth.  Your breathing was changing and nurses said, it won't be long.  Oh how I wished that you would have opened your eyes and be back to your normal self.  I wanted to see your smile one last time.  I wanted one last hug from my daddy. 
God needed you more.  It was your time to go.  I was amazed at how you waited until your loved ones were surrounding you before you gave the Angels permission to carry you up to meet your Heavenly Father.  What a Glorious Day it was for you.  We all were rejoicing for you, and at the same time, we felt such loss. 
When I look at the sky, I see you in the clouds.  When I see a penny, heads up laying on the ground, I know you sent it. 
I long to dream about you because I feel you near.  So, on this 2nd Anniversary of saying goodbye, I have hopes of seeing you again and saying hello...What a beautiful day that will be.
Your Baby Doll

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Erin (E) where are you?

I am reaching out to find out one of my #1 blog supporters email address...Erin (E) I don't know how I can reach you.  I am unable to pull up your blog anymore.  Do you still blog?  You can send me your email address to:  I miss you and want to know how you and your adorable daughters are...and Jack of course....Hope to hear back from you...
Love, Mimi

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1 Day 11 hours

Steph, Jeff, Noah, Carter, Grayson & Ivy are now 1 Day and 11 hours away, which equals 35 hours.  No more hopping in the car and seeing them in 20 minutes.  Reality has finally set in. 
Steph, her dad and grand kids left on their journey Sunday, January 27th after breakfast at our favorite spot.  Watching Steph's Kia Serento pull away with such precious cargo was one of the hardest things I ever had to face. 
I was so thankful that Mike was able to travel with them and help drive.  Even though he had just had eye surgery, he was still able to keep his plans.  The fog and night driving was hard for him, so Steph did most of that.  The weather wasn't so friendly for them.  The first hour of the trip they drove right into the ice storm that we were hoping they would bypass...but God had his hand on them.  They drove thru 4 hours of fog in Nebraska.  On the second day of the trip they stopped at Mike's sister, Susie's house in Colorado for 2 nights.  It was actually like a vacation for them, going into Estes Park and seeing the beautiful mountains.  They arrived on Thursday eve. to their new home in Bandon, Oregon.  Mike said the kids were good travelers.  It was fun along the way watching and waiting for Steph to post a picture on face book of where they would stop next.  It was like playing Where's Waldo?  Mike was able to go with to enroll the boys in school and check out the schools and stay and explore their new town until he flew back home on Sunday.  They all were able to say at a hotel down the street from their new house, since the moving truck wasn't due until Tuesday(today).  Mike said the ocean was so close, you could hear it and it sounded like a train.  I know that Steph is living her dream and loving being able to live near the ocean. So, it's hard to believe that in such a short time span they are already moved and starting to settle in their new home.  We all skyped last night and the boys seemed happy about their first day at school.  I was happy to see the smiles on their faces.  Ivy even started her new pre-school yesterday and she didn't want her mommy picking her up so early....she wanted to stay, which is a great sign. 
So....We are looking forward to May, around Mother's Day.  I am planning to fly out for a week with my mom.  We can't wait!  96 more days til Mother's Day....
Did I already say, I can't wait?