Monday, August 23, 2010

Missing the sand

My body is here in NWI but my mind and spirit is on this Beach in Florida where I spent 6 glorious days in June. I guess you could say I'm a dreamer. I love the warm sand between my toes. These Crocs have been thru 3 trips to this beach. I don't plan on retiring them any time soon. Where does your mind and spirit take you today? I would love to know.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rachael Ray, move over....

Friday night I was front row and center watching my daughter, Steph
demonstrate and compete at the Kenmore Live Studio in Chicago, Mommy Bloggers vs. Foodie Bloggers. She was 1 of 3 mommy bloggers chosen to compete. One of the top chef judges was from La Cordon Bleu and he loved the pasta dish she made. It was such a fun night filled with great recipes that involved 3 major veggies. Cauliflower, spinich & carrots were to be picked from to use in your recipe. Steph chose spinich for her lemon pasta dish. The concept was to get kids to eat more veggies. The audience got to sample each dish. I can honestly say, I did enjoy all the dishes. The Foody bloggers did end up winning the competion, but it was close.
Steph had her own personal chef who helped her with prep work. She is a natural behind that counter. She walked away with some nice gifts from Kenmore. This was a most enjoyable evening in my favorite city. Anyone can go to a live show, so if you are in the area, stop in and check it out.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sears Kenmore hand mixer still mixes after 36 years

I am attending a Mommy Bloggers vs. Foodie Bloggers tomorrow night at the Kenmore Live Studios downtown Chicago. My daughter, Steph will be one of the mommy bloggers creating their own yummy dish. I am so happy for her and that she has this great opportunity. Check it out here Kenmore and if you would like to join in on the fun, hop a train, plane or car and come on over.
I was thinking, how appropriate to show you my Vintage Avocado green hand held mixer that I received as a wedding gift in 1974. I have faithfully used this Sears Kenmore mixer for 36 years. I can't tell you how much I am in love with my little friend. It still works as good as the first day I used it. It has sentimental value as well, since it was given to us by my husband's Aunt. Every time I get it out to use for my baking, I think of Aunt Virginia.
This is my proof that Kenmore is a great product. And they didn't pay me to say this....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Gifts

I woke up on my Birthday to find a big surprise on my blog. It was like opening a huge package with a big bow. Steph had taken over my blog and surprised me with pictures she took of my grand kids and the perfect post. Beth designed the Birthday design at the top. I was so overwhelmed with happiness and emotions. To think she would take the time to do this for me meant so much to me. She knows that pictures are the best gift to give me. I must have gotten over 100 wishes, including comments from everyone. I have the best daughter!


I received this special paperweight from my sister. It reminds me of our time we spent in Florida on the beach. I have it on my desk at work to dream about the next time we are together. I had been wanting a new Blog design, so Steph is having Beth design something for me. I have a few ideas and this paperweight is a hint of what's to come. My blog will be under construction, so stay tuned.

Have you ever had one of those birthday celebrations that seem to drag out for days? Mine started July 30th and ended Aug. 3. It started with the Fair (pictures to come), Girls night with Key Lime pie, Olive Garden, DQ pecan pie blizzard cake, and this delightful fudge cake that Jack wanted to dive in to. This apron represents my six grand kids, plus my grand-dog. Noah, Carter, Gray, Abby, Ivy, Jack & Sophie.
Abby & Jack gave me a really cute children's cookbook from one of my favorite cooks, Paula Deen, along with the apron. I plan on opening up this book and letting the grand kids cook for me. I will be posting more birthday celebration pictures soon. I have lots of fun pictures from our trip to the Fair. The highlight for me at the Fair was the Kenny Ahern show and how he opened his show by coming over to sit on my lap....very unexpected. It's almost like he knew it was my Birthday and I needed a big laugh....
Stay tuned for more birthday pictures.....and a new blog look.