Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas season....2014

The Christmas season seems like a blur.  I went through the motions of mildly decorating my house.  Mike didn't want me putting up a tree.  If we didn't have family around, I probably wouldn't have put one up.  Where would I put the Christmas presents without a tree?  It would not seem like Christmas without decorations.  Mike had the idea of baking Christmas cookies with Abby & Jack.  I brought them home with me from Church the Sunday before Christmas and we did bake some yummy sugar cookies.  We usually do gingerbread houses but did cookies instead.  I tried to avoid the Mall and did most of my Christmas shopping on line.  Sending a check to Steph to shop for her family took a load off.  I ordered gifts for Steph and had them mailed to Noah, to wrap for me. 
Christmas Eve was celebrated with Nate, Elsa, Abby and Jack...I cooked a non-traditional meal of steak, with trimmings.  They loved it.  We opened gifts and then headed to church for a candle light service. 
I stepped out of my comfort zone during the season and joined the Church Choir for our Christmas musical.  I have always been a singer but took some time off.  It felt good to be a part of a choir again.  I was happy that Mike came to hear the choir.  It always makes me happy when he attends church with me.  I feel like my other half is with me.  After church we Face timed with Steph and family and opened gifts together.  One of our favorite gifts was an ipad, from Steph & Jeff, that we received before enjoy early.  Steph always sends the best gifts.  I had mentioned that her dad really loved watching the old Twilight Zone episodes, so she sent him the first Season, which we watched on New Year's Day. 
Dec. 16 was a nightmare of a day.  I flew with my mom to Houston to meet my sister, for her to go home with her.  After 2 cancelled flights and 4 hours of sitting in an airport, we finally made it to Houston.  It is very challenging flying with a handicapped person who is on oxygen and in a wheel chair and has to make umpteen trips to the bathroom before and during flight.   I guess it was all worth it because mom is very content living with my sister.  I still have her house responsibilities, but it's not as stressful as taking care of my mom and trying to work a full time job and deal with health issues. 
My health hasn't been the best since Christmas.  I got sick on Christmas day with an upper respiratory infection.  I ended up going to Care Express a few days later.  I have also been dealing with joint and muscle aches and pains.  The ulcerative colitis has not been good to me as well.  I see a few Dr. appointments in my near future.  I have always been the caregiver, and now it is time to take care of me.