Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy 13th Birthday Noah!

How is it possible that Noah is a Teenager already?  My first born grandson is 13.  I have so many emotions when I think of Noah.  He went through so much as a little tot and smiled all the way through it.  He is the face of an Angel.  He has a contagious smile.  He has a tender heart.  He is a perfect big brother, always helping out his siblings.  I can remember going to babysit at his house before he could walk, just he and I, up in his bedroom, sitting on the floor, playing music and having a good ole time crawling around.  We had and still have a special bond.  I pray for protection over our Noah and these teenage years are easy and special for him. 
Happy Special Birthday Noah!!  And thanks for giving me the best name ever..."Mimi"