Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation June 26 - July 5 2009

Just call us the Fab Five. From the back is my sister, Diane, Me, Niece Kyla, Front is, Great Nephew, Corbin and Great Niece Madigan.
I flew to my sister's town in Louisiana and we drove to Sandestin Beach Florida to attend her work conference. It was about a 7 hour drive. She only had to attend 8 hours of classes the 6 days we were there. We had plenty of time to play and believe you me, we had a great time and made every second count! I love the tan I came home with.
I enjoyed every waking moment on that sandy white beach. This is before the tan.
Ok, I don't like how I look here, but hey, it's me. So I didn't lose the 50 lbs. I wanted to lose. I have another year to lose it. Maybe I will be wearing a bikini next year and fool everyone. There is a story behind this bathing suit I bought on-line from a nice store. The first time I wore it, it started falling apart. The panties were coming apart from the underneath that held the bathing suit together. Thank God I brought another one.
My pretty manicured toes.....Gee, I miss this sand. My feet and ankles were burning so I poured on the sunblock and kept them buried in the sand a lot.
Madigan & Corbin (sister's grand-kids) hanging out with me while she was in class. Madigan is 11 and Corbin is 12. They are best friends.
Here I am just chilling on the deck at the Hilton we stayed at overlooking the beach. The others went out to a race track for a few hours and I just wanted to hang out with my thoughts and stare at the waves. I ended up listening in on some guys phone conversation for about 30 min.
I can't leave out our friend "Miss Cooler" that I purchased at the dollar store when we first got there. This little friend was such a blessing on the beach, carrying our cold drinks (hiccup) and very easy to carry. I tried to fly home with it, but decided to leave it with my sister to take care of so we can take it next year. I really miss her!
I had a whole lot of things I wanted to say about this Fab vacation, but I think the pictures tell all. There were so many highlights, like when my sister brought her and I a piece of key lime pie on a china plate and linen napkin down on the beach and we sat under our $45. rented umbrella and chairs and enjoyed every crumb. Another highlight was a prayer breakfast I attended with her. They had a praise and worship team singing and a special speaker and the best breakfast buffet. It left me with an inner peace feeling that I really needed. See, God can even be with you on vacation too. Thank you sis for a fabulous time. I enjoyed every grain of sand stuck in places I care not to mention. Next year could not come any sooner.....


Anonymous said...

Augh . . . it was definitely one of my best times w/you and I think we baked our feet in the sand by covering them up w/that Hot Sand 'cause mine are still peeling!

Bacardi Mama said...

Wow, it sounds and looks like a fantastic time. I am so jealous. I was jealous before you left, but now I am really, really jealous. Glad you are back though. Keep posting. I missed you. By the way, when are we going out for some fun?

Lisa said...

Your trip sounds so nice! You are beautiful, just as you are! So glad you had a nice vacation.

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Your photos tell the whole story, even down to Mimi's Toes! I love those photos! Everything looks wonderful... the beach, the babes, the bathing suits with no panties!!, the beautiful grandkids, key lime pie- oh,my!!, your great cooler... and the inner peace of enjoying a true gift from God. I am so happy for you, even as you dig sand out of those places!!!! So happy you're back, too!!!!

Erin said...

I am so thankful that you are able to spend this time with your sister. Sister time is truly priceless. :)

Aside from your vacation, you may love the name of our baby girl, but I need to tell you that I love how thoughtful you are and the comments you leave on my blog!

Hugs to you!

chrissy said...

woman you have been on the goo goo go!!
Your vacation looks and sounds wonderful!
Then to get to come back and hang with the grandbabies and hit the movies! So much fun!
You really are making the best of things!
Way to go!
You are sooo beautiful!

Cheffie-Mom said...

How wonderful! I'm so happy you had such an amazing time!

Sarah said...

The beach looks wonderful! And I especially like the breast cancer cooler!