Sunday, February 14, 2010

Noah's 9th Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Noah's 9th Birthday today at Red Robin, his and my favorite place to eat. His Birthday is Feb. 16. When I arrived he had saved the seat next to him for ME. Talk about feeling special. Noah and I have a special bond. I can remember when he was a baby, when I would leave a room he would cry for me. He was very attached to me. He, being the first Grandchild named me "Mimi". How special is that? Noah has an angelic spirit and a permanent smile on his face. He is our miracle child and I know that God has big plans for him.
I adore this picture because it goes to show the special bond these brothers have. Carter & Noah, like peas and carrots! Best Buds!
And then there is Grayson. He had a sparkle in his eyes today. It is very hard to capture a smile like this one, but it happened.

Then we carried the Birthday Celebration over to the bowling alley. Steph and Noah looking so happy. Pretty soon Noah will be passing his mom up in height.
Look at Noah bowl! He was amazing. He does practice a lot playing Wii. The score at the end was, Steph in 1st, Noah in 2nd, Carter in 3rd, Mimi in 4th and Gray in 5th......Fun game and fun day. Happy Birthday Sweet Noah!


Bacardi Mama said...

Happy Birthday Noah! You look just as special as your mimi. I'm glad you had a great day.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

We had a great celebration. He is so happy.


chrissy said...

Happy Birthday Noah! He sure is such a sweet boy! That picture of Grayson, was so awesome, he looks so big!!!

オテモヤン said...


Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Oh, Rhonda... I LOVE this day! I love the great happiness and joy and LOVE! I can FEEL it and SEE it! How the time flies. I am so very, very happy that you absorb each and every precious moment and share it with us!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Noah! Aunt Diane loves you!

Sarah said...

Boy you sure have a lot of Birthdays in a small period of time! Lots of celebrating!