Thursday, June 2, 2011

Million dollar crocs

For 3 summers I have had the privilege of joining my Sister at her work conference in Florida for 6 days on the beach . The first summer I was able to go, I was so excited to gather things I would be taking. About 1 week before my trip, I met my parents for lunch and after lunch we went in a Hallmark store and I was admiring these colorful Crocs. Before I knew it, my dad came up to me and said go ahead and get them and pick a pair out for your sister. He said he wanted to treat us for our trip. This was typical of our dad. He always wanted to make us happy and was our biggest cheerleader. I think it thrilled our parents as much as it did us to be able to go on a Sister Vacation. They knew how close we were as sisters and it was so important to have that time together.
The Crocs were the first thing I would pack every summer after that. They also became my house shoes and sit beside my bed.

I'm sad to say, we won't be able to go this summer, due to cutbacks at her work, however, she will be flying home for 10 days instead. We will go to our local beach and wear our Crocs and pretend we are on the white beaches of Florida. We will still have our Sister Vacation. It doesn't matter where we are, just so we are together.
My Crocs mean more to me than they ever have, since my dad passed away. I look at them now and they have new meaning. I cherish them more. They remind me of my dad. I can still see the excitement in his eyes when he bought them for me. I cherish that memory. And that is why I call them my
Million dollar crocs....


Anonymous said...

They are truly 'priceless' to us Sis! Dad was just so giving and he blessed his family every chance he got with so many good gifts and memories to cherish! I have my crocs already packed in anticipation of our trips to the Riverwalk and Dunes! Can't hardly wait! It will be just as nice as our trips to Destin!
Love you,

Bacardi Mama said...

I'm so glad you will still be able to have your sister vacation. Where you are doesn't matter as long as you are together. I know you will have a wonderful time together.

Rebecca said...

oh that is so special. i have little memories like that of my dad as well...things i don't think i will ever get rid of. even broken toys my dad got for my girls...just cannot part with them. so glad you have those memories!