Friday, July 29, 2011

55 years and 6 grandkids later

I started celebrating my 55th Birthday on Thursday, July 28th. My friend brought me flowers, baked brownies & treated me to lunch. Friday, I met my cousin Bea and her family for lunch and was surprised when I saw my chair decorated with balloons. Saturday, July 30th on my Birthday, we celebrated all afternoon at Donya's house. She had a housewarming party and included my Birthday and her mom, Mary's Birthday, who was born on the same day and year as I. My neighbor brought over a dozen peach colored roses and the yummiest chocolate dessert. Then on Sunday, July 31st, we celebrated with my immediate family at Red Robin. Monday, Aug. 1 will wind it down with being taken to lunch by my boss's wife.
I received the most awesome gifts for my Birthday. I got the most awesome Coach purse from Steph, Jeff, Noah, Carter, Gray & Ivy. I was very surprised! Nate, Elsa, Abby & Jack got me custom grand kid decals to go on my van. I had been wanting these for the longest time. I bought myself a new cell phone and am able to text message now. I got lots of other goodies. I am feeling so blessed and just so happy to have so many people show me love. It's been the best Birthday. And I felt my dad with me, which made it even more special.
Ivy is missing from the picture. She slept through the party.

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Jen @ One Moms World said...

Now that is a way to party! What wonderful treats you had Rhonda! So glad you had an awesome Birthday :)