Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome Home Lilly & Halle

Who would have thought that 3 weeks after losing our precious Penny girl, we would be doubly blessed with these beautiful mini sister Dachshunds, Miss Lilly and Miss Halle. I knew it wouldn't be long before Mike searched out another lap dog. He would go on-line every night to rescue sites to seek out that perfect four legged friend who deserved a loving home. He found these 2 on a rescue site in Woodstock, IL. They came to live with a lady, who works for an animal hospital because the owner of the dogs lost her home and couldn't take the dogs with her. She left them in her basement and other people were taking care of them, until they ended up with the lady we got them from. She made sure they were up to date with all shots and even had their teeth cleaned. I broke down and called about them and emailed the lady and eventually we set a time to meet them and would go from there. Needless to say, on Saturday morning, Dec. 3, we made the 95 mile trip to Crystal Lake, IL where the dogs were. At first meeting, Lilly was barking at us and was stand offish. Halle was more brave and sniffed us out. After about 15 minutes of feeding treats and talking baby talk, Lilly was warming up to us and Halle was my best friend. I look over and Halle jumped up in Mikes lap, which made him melt. Then Lilly jumped up in his lap. It only took about 30 minutes and we were in the truck ready to make our journey back home. We knew as soon as we saw them that they had a forever home with us. On our way home, Mike stopped at McD's to get them a biscuit with egg. They were thrilled and gobbled it down.
God works in mysterious ways....
We couldn't believe that Lilly is a dapple daschund. We had a dapple daschund named Lily before we had Penny. After Lily passed away we got Penny. It is very rare to find a dapple daschund that someone is getting rid of.
The lady loaded us up with their belongings and in 1 large bag was a wardrobe with 2 each of everything. From hooded coats to Christmas dresses. When Abby & Jack came over for us to babysit, Abby had the best time playing dress-up with the doggies.

Abby & Jack immediately fell in love with their friends.
Look at Miss Thang in her Christmas dress! I will be taking them to have their pictures taken soon! Stay tuned for more styles.

We do feel so blessed to have found these little angels who needed love and lots of petting. It's a Merry Christmas for everyone!


Bacardi Mama said...

I am so happy for you and Mike. It will be a very Merry Christmas at your house.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I just can't wait to meet my new sisters!