Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jam packed June

It has been a Jam packed June so far for me.  It's been filled with Carter's little league games, tournaments, Abby's Soccer games, Ivy's dance recital and the list goes on and on.  I'm not complaining by no means.  I've enjoyed every second of the hard bleachers (even though I have a comfy bleacher to go seat) & concession stand salted pretzels with cheese, and don't forget the hot blazing sun.  
My housework has been hit and miss....mostly miss...but that's OK.  At least the laundry stays caught up and the dishes don't stay in the sink for more than a few days.   I keep hoping that the dish fairy would fly down and do them....I have high hopes. 
I love summertime, because it gives us an excuse to be on the go and not feel guilty.  I find myself waking up way too early to get a jump start on things that didn't get done the night before.  I've even prepared my mom some meals to take to her in the morning before work, to heat up for lunches or dinner.  She really appreciates it. 
We will have 4 house guests this Friday eve. thru Mon. morn.  Noah, Carter, Gray & Ivy will be staying with us while their parents go out of town.  I already have my menus written out and grocery list ready.  I'm sure we will play outside a lot in the pool and have squirt gun wars.  We will all go to Abby's Soccer game and Carter's baseball game.  It will be a fun time.  New memories will be made. 
So, here's to jam packed june and lovin' every minute of it.....


Bacardi Mama said...

It all sounds wonderful. This was supposed to be a fun summer over here too, but it's sure not starting out that way. My step dad had two strokes and a heart attack in 36 hours last week. He is doing pretty well considering everything he went through and the fact that he'll be 90 on Thursday. Say a prayer for us, okay?

Sharon - MomGenerations said...

Rhonda... you have energy and then energy to spare! I hope your camera is ready for lots and lots of photos of this weekend! xo!