Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mr. Bear takes a long ride

Monday, the moving truck left with a house full of furniture, boxes, bikes, toys, clothes & household items.  Mr. Bear (Noah's first lovie) was looking out of a clear bin. daughter of 35 years is making a brand new start in a brand new town with her beautiful children and husband.  Even though there is an emptiness in my heart, there is also a Peaceful feeling. 
Mike and I went to their empty house to take all the garbage out for garbage pick up the following morning.  We carried stuff out for 2 hours.  This gives an idea of how much stuff that was no longer needed or making the long haul to Canton.
I had the chance to walk around inside the empty 3 story house that once was filled with so much life. 
I found myself in Steph & Jeffs old bedroom where I stood on the very spot my beautiful grand-daughter, Ivy LaRue was born.  I let my mind take me back to the early morning when I was there and knelt with my daughter as she gave birth.  What an awesome memory that I will cherrish forever.  I walked across the hall to the kids bedroom and let my mind go back to the times I would babysit and tuck them in and read them stories.  I walked into the bathroom where I sat many times on the closed toilet seat while bathing and watching so much life play in the tub.....picking out the perfect hooded towel to wrap them in.  I stopped and looked around at the dining area where I could picture hand holding at the table before meals, praying over their food.  I looked at the counter in the kitchen where stools once sat which were filled with hungry little bodies or just sitting working on crafts.  Oh, the memories in that little house filled with love.  What's really surprising is, I didn't cry while walking around.  I actually felt such Peace and excitement for this new adventure they are starting.  I know in my spirit that they are following God's perfect will for their lives. 
Before they left, Noah and I carved his initials in his tree that my parents planted for him when he was born.  His eyes lit up, knowing that when he comes back to visit that tree, they will still be there. 
In 9 days I will see them all again when my mom and I drive to Canton Ohio for Labor Day weekend.  Anticipation!


Bacardi Mama said...

I'm glad you were able to relive some happy memories without tears. They really are on a wondeful adventure. I'm counting down the days with you until you see them again. xoxo

Jen @ One Moms World said...

This made me teary-eyed Rhonda! That was good though for your healing and peace. I am so glad you are able to go there on Labor Day. Please take plenty of pictures and share them here :) ((HUGS))