Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 36th Birthday Steph!

I realized 22 days later that this post was set as a draft and I forgot to undo it. 
What can I say about my only daughter, Stephanie Ruth Wilson Precourt....I am in awe of her Spirit, her Determination, her Zeal, her Patience, her Love for mankind, her Giving of herself, her Motherhood, her non-judgemental personality, her Talents, the list goes on and on.  This is her first Birthday being away from home.  We skyped while she ate her special Birthday Cupcake.  I sang Happy Birthday over the air waves.  It was special.  This IS Steph's year.  She will be making so many changes and I have no doubt that they are for the good.  She is embracing this new change.  She is a master of changes in the past year.  I admire her strength for packing up 2 houses in 5 months time and still have her sanity.  My wish for my beautiful daughter is to continue living life to the fullest and keep following those dreams because they are certainly coming true. 
Happy 36th Birthday Steph
love, mom

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Stephanie Precourt said...

Ohhhh thank you, Mom! Can't wait to see you soon in Oregon! :)