Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday Grayson!

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart, Grayson Roger Precourt.  I can't believe 8 years have passed so quickly.  I think Gray might have had the best birthday ever, when he was surprised with "2" Gerbils, which he named "Pepper" & "Domino".  Because of his allergies to most animals, he was never allowed to get a dog or cat.  He is such an animal lover and begged and begged for any kind of animal.  We were able to Skype last night on his Birthday and he showed how his Gerbils love their plastic ball.  I loved hearing the laughter from the kids as Domino put on a show on the kitchen floor.  They are not only Grays pets.  Ivy gets to gerbil sit during the day while he is at school.  Steph said she goes and checks on them and they are usually asleep.  It's funny to see how much Joy these little pets have brought to the family. 
Gray will get his box from me and Grampa today for his Birthday.  It was suppose to be delivered on his birthday, but due to a mechanical failure, UPS was delayed 1 day.  I guess that's ok because Gray was entertained with his little friends and will have something to look forward to today after school when the box arrives. 
I was really really missing my little buddy on his Birthday and I'm still trying to get use to my family living so far away.  I am just so thankful for Skype and being able to see and hear the laughter.  This was an extra special Birthday for Gray!  I love this little guy so so so much!


Stephanie Precourt said...

He enjoyed a mint chocolate chip blizzard last night- I can't believe how little he used to be!

Mimi's Toes said...

I know! I tried to find some baby pics but they were saved somewhere else. I love the toothless one! I was really having Gray withdrawls yesterday!