Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy 37th Birthday Steph!

It feels a little out of sorts for me today with Steph living over 2200 miles away and not being able to bake her favorite "lemon bars" or pick up her favorite "designer desserts" cupcakes to celebrate her Special Day. 
This picture was taken a few years ago on her Birthday when she requested her favorite lemon bars.  Steph has never been a cake kind of gal. 
I am so happy that she was able to celebrate her Birthday in such a special way this year by taking a road trip to Seattle Washington with Jeff and kids.  She is living her dream, as she slides in to 37.  Living in the most beautiful place and near the ocean really agrees with her.  It makes a mom feel good inside to know that their child is in a place of contentment and peace. 
My wish and hope for her on this Special Day is to continue following her dreams and reach for those magical stars in the Bandon Skies.  I love you daughter, to the ocean and back a zillion times....
Happy Happy Birthday...Mom


Stephanie Precourt said...

Thanks, Mom! I miss those lemon bars! And everyone back home!!


Mimi's Toes said...

Hoping soon we will all be together! Hope you have a great lunch with your friends! Glad you are being treated today!