Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Vacation to remember

March 21, Mike and I flew to Oregon to visit Steph, Jeff, Noah, Carter, Gray and Ivy.  We stayed until April 1.  For some reason, I am unable to download my vacation pictures...I took lots! 
It was so nice to just have a relaxing, do what you want to do kind of vacation.  It was great being with our family and walking down to the ocean any time we felt like it.  Jeff and Steph rented a van the first weekend we were there and we drove to the most glorious place I have ever seen, "Crater Lake"...Although I got motion sick from the winding roads, it was worth going to.  We went to Antique stores and just bummed around, which is very relaxing to us.  We celebrated Mike's 60th Birthday while we were there.  We ate the best fish and chips ever.  My brother, Heather and their 3 dogs came to see us for a few days on their way to a Dog show in Albany, Oregon.  We had the best visit.  The kids loved playing with the dogs.  Ivy had an immediate attraction to Heather and they played old maid, go fish, colored and played dress up dolls the whole entire time they were visiting.  They did take a break to eat.  After Heather left, I was the playmate.  Ivy and I must have played 100 games of Old Maid.  She cried before I left saying "who will play Old Maid with me"?  I told her we can Skype and your mommy can be me....and that, we did.
The highlight of our trip was getting to see Carter in his first Play.  "Wagon Wheels a rollin'".  He was the Judge and a mighty good judge he was.  We actually saw the play twice while we were there.  I am so proud of our little actor. 
I enjoyed hanging out with Noah, watching American Idol and saying who our favorites were.
Gray entertained us with his pet gerbils and hamster.  Jeff took us on a tour of his workplace, "The World Newspaper". 
One of the weirdest things that happened was when we were on the beach and Steph stumbled upon a dead cow.  It really freaked us all out.  It just looked like it was napping.  It has washed in from a river into the ocean from a farm. 
All in all, it was one of the best vacations Mike and I were able to take.  Can't wait to go back....sooner than later, we hope!

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