Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day and a Humming Bird

Today is Labor Day. I have made No plans. It sort of feels nice to just do whatever my hearts desire. I have always wanted a hummingbird feeder. This is my sister's feeder in Louisiana that she loves to watch. When my sister was going thru chemotherapy several years ago, this is what got her thru a lot of the bad days, was watching the hummingbirds. Thank God she is cancer free today. Well, I went out and got me a hummingbird feeder and put outside of my kitchen window. I am anxious to see my first little bird...I have my camera ready, waiting. You know, it's the simple things in life that make happy......This is my little feeder...hopefully it will attract some little friends.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

How nice. I wonder if we could attract hummingbirds here even if we don't have trees?


chrissy said...

I have also always wanted a humming bird feeder. Instead I enjoy my neighbors, not sure how she got'em there! Praise God for your sister's recovery!!!!

Little Man's Mama said...


thanks for the welcome. it has been wonderful getting to know people and reading steph's blog. it's tough being a first time mom, in a new town with no friends. She's been so sweet, and i look forward to hanging out with her a whole lot more!


Ann(ie) said...

I love hummingbirds. It is the little things in life sometimes....great news about your sis, TOO!!

Anonymous said...

Nice hummingbird feeder! Okay, I'm going to send the word out (through my hummingbirds) to go visit your's! Watch for them in a couple of days!
Love you,

My Wonderful Men... said...

Your sis is so sweet I'm so glad you have her. And I'm glad I got to know her too.
I love the hummingbird pictures, so peaceful.