Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy 77th Birthday Dad

Today is my dad's 77th Birthday. My dad is one of a kind. He never meets a stranger. He is the best joke teller.....and loves to tell stories of his past. I guess I am what you can say, a daddy's girl. He calls me his Baby Doll!

We had a family party Saturday night and he really enjoyed it. He had been wanting a blue tooth and a cell phone up-grade. So, I stopped by his house on Saturday morning and took his cell phone off of his computer desk and put it in my coat pocket to surprise him with a new phone. I went to the phone store and did the up-grade cause he is on my plan with my husband and I as a family share plan. I also got a blue tooth for him, it was also from my sister and mom. Well, when I went over to help set up for the party later that afternoon, he was all upset and told me he had bad news.....he lost his cell phone. He said he tore apart his vehicle looking for it and all around the house. I had made the mistake of wrapping his old phone in the same box as his new phone, otherwise, I could have slipped it back where it was and all would have been good until present opening time.
I gave in because I didn't want him fretting over it during dinner. I let him open it before the party and the look on his face was priceless. He said "oh that is just what I wanted". I guess I pulled one over on him. If you know my dad, you would agree that he didn't need to go pick out his own phone....He is a talker and he would have ended up with a complicated phone. The one we got him is perfect for does everything he needs to do. After dinner, my son-in-law Jeff, gave him a lesson on how to use the blue tooth. Jeff is so patient and explained everything so perfectly. It was so funny, during the teaching, my dad's cell phone rang with the blue tooth in his ear and it was my sister from Louisiana calling, so he got to practice. He was amazed at how he didn't have to hold his cell phone. He was shouting though, like she couldn't hear him...we had to tell him not to talk so was funny.
Since my dad is a newly diagnosed diabetic, I found him a sugar free coconut cream pie (his favorite) as his cake. We had other desserts for others. It was a fun night of family.
Abby crawled around hugging on Noah, Carter & Gray. It was precious to see all 4 of my grand-children in one place having a good time playing.

Happy Birthday Dad....I love you.


chrissy said...

Happy Birthday Mimi's dad!!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Happy Birthday, Poppal!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dad . . . wish I could be there to give you a big hug and kiss! My spirit is there (I promise)! I can't believe Mimi did that with your cell phone . . . making you believe that you lost it! You poor thang! LOL
I love you,
Diane (the wanta be Babe Doll!)

As We Sail... said...

That sounds like a fun time, and one for everyones memory bank.
Did you pick a hairstyle yet?

BTW - I just realized I never answered your question about our bird. I could not keep him since he had to go to a bird sanctuary. But I'm wondering when he is set free if he will find his way back here.

my wonderful men... said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!
I love when he comes in and tells his stories.

mom on a mission said...

How priceless.....

To Think is to Create said...

Loved this post, so glad you all got together with everyone feeling alright (surviving, at least!). Your dad seems like a sweetheart. Happy birthday to him!

Glass Half Full said...

It's so nice to have lots of family around. =)



Courtney said...

Happy Birthday to your dad. You are just mean for tricking him. He probably thought his mind was really going.