Sunday, November 30, 2008

What to do with your leftover turkey?

I have a delicious recipe I would like to share with you. I made the best turkey salad yesterday. I actually cooked a turkey breast in my crock pot until it was falling off the bone, about 5 to 6 hours. We didn't have much turkey left over from Thanksgiving after I gave everyone some to take home, so I cooked a turkey breast. My son-in-law told me about a delicious Arby's pecan chicken salad on a wrap. I went and tried one last week and fell in love! I thought to myself, I can make this. So, I gave it a shot yesterday using turkey instead of chicken and it turned out delicious. Here is how I made it:

I prepared my turkey by making a butter paste to lather all over and under the skin of the breast. I add to the soft stick of butter, parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme, about 1 tsp of each. Add 1 can of chicken broth. Either cook in oven, or the crock pot. After cooling, cut turkey into small cubes or just cut up in small pieces. Add the following:
Purple grapes (cut grapes in half) About 1 lb.
Gala Apples (cut in small bite size pieces) 2 apples. You can use other kinds of apples.
Pecan halves, about 1 to 2 cups.
Mayo or Miracle Whip, about 1 to 2 cups. (use more or less to taste)
Mrs. Dash seasoning, about 1 Tsp.
Mix all together and fill a wrap, taco shell, flatout or anything you wish to use. Enjoy!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

This is definitely delicious! It's what I'm having for dinner tonight- thanks Mom!


Lisa said...

Sounds yummy! With it being so cold and snowy, I'm wishing for some of my grandmother's turkey barley soup that she would always make after Thanksgiving. I'll have to cook a turkey just to try your recipe!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Sounds delicious! I'm definitely going to try this one out soon! Thank you so much!