Monday, January 26, 2009

The Bachelor

I am so excited at the outcome of The Bachelor tonight. I predicted every one that would go home. I am so so glad to see Shannon leave. She got on my last nerve. My favorite is still Stephanie, although I'm beginning to wonder if she is not a little mature for him. She is such a classy lady. I don't know about Naomi. She just doesn't look like her and Jason fit. I'm beginning to really like Jillian. I think it was probably fixed that he couldn't give out the last rose. You know there's always a twist.


Anonymous said...

Girl . . . thanks for getting me hooked on it now! I was glued to the t.v.! I just loved the camping one-on-one date!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Oh, Rhonda... I haven't watched The Bachelor this year! I don't know why because I find it very entertaining (and sometimes very funny and very frustrating!). I will "vote" for anyone you like because you have such great taste!!!!

Erin said...

I am on board with you. I was thankful to see those three go. Seriously, they all were goners. As far as Stephanie...yeah, I agree I think she's too mature. She might go next week.

Casual Friday Everyday said...

I heart me some bachelor. This is one of my favorite seasons.

:--) Nell