Tuesday, January 19, 2010


There is this little lady named Ethel who comes in Curves to work out and is very timid. She is the cutest little thing. Petite, adorable short silver haircut. She sports the special T-shirt she was awarded for the number of workouts. Since I started going I have never gotten to really talk to her and know her. This morning she came in after me and started a few machines behind me. One of the other ladies were talking about AGE and I was surprised that this person was older than I was because she looked great for 60. In a small voice I hear "I'm older than all of you ladies". It was little Ethel. So, this opened the door to the start of our conversation. She said she was "82". I told her I hoped to look as good as her when I am that age. I got a smile from her precious face, which I had never seen before. She said her mom lived to be "92" but she didn't want to live that long. I asked her Why? She said her husband died 5 years ago and she doesn't have children, so there is really nothing to live for. I wanted to cry. She said she had 2 miscarriages and was never able to have children. I was at a loss for words...what do you say?
I asked if she had a dog or cat to keep her company. She said no, in a very sad voice. I asked if she had extended family and she said they all live out of state.
I was trying to find the words to encourage her. I told her that she looked great and she has a lot of life left to live. I told her that she inspires younger women, like myself when we see how good of shape she is in for her age.
I started to see a sparkle in her eyes that I had never seen before.
It really hit me at that moment that I am so Rich. I have my husband, children, grandchildren, lots of extended family and friends around me. I have so much to live for. I wanted to share some of my riches with Ethel. I wanted her to feel the feeling of being loved and needed.
I hope to get to know her better and let her know how special she really is.
I don't want to take my life for granted. I want to appreciate what I do have. Riches for me is not about money.
Thank you Ethel for inspiring me to keep on going!


Jen K. said...

That's awesome you finally got to speak to Ethel! She sounds lovely. I agree, we have so much to live for. I never take for granted one single day that I am able to take part in the miracle that is giving life to another person. There are so many people who can't or who never find their soulmate, I am just blessed and lucky to have found mine and to have my family here with me. Here's to hoping you share many more conversations with Ethel, it sounds like she was brought into your life for a reason!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

What an awesome post. I agree with Ethel...after awhile you outlive your friends and peers and really, without each other life is just not worth living day to day.

P.S. I think you are right, I have a hunch Sarah's having a boy too!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

This is one of the most beautiful stories I have read. You are such a wonderful, giving, feeling, caring person... and I am sure that Ethel will cherish you and your beautiful self as a fellow woman, Curves member and friend. I think Ethel is an angel sent to make people realize their blessings and riches... I do because of you and Ethel! xo!

Anonymous said...
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It's a Beautiful Ride said...

Love those divine appointments God has lined up for us!