Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Fun with Four

I was at Steph's house bright and early Friday to spend the day with my four grand kids while she was away for the day in Chicago. Noah and Carter amaze me at their maturity level. They get up and get ready by themselves with no help. They even get their own breakfast and Carter had his lunch packed and in the frig the night before. Noah likes to buy lunch. They had their backpacks on 30 min. before the bus arrived. Carter was too busy to pose for a picture.
After Noah and Carter left for school the fun began. Gray woke up the happiest little boy I've ever seen. He wanted to give his sister a hug and she wanted to sit in the chair by herself.

After lunch, Gray wanted a special ice cream treat I always have for him. They are called "Frog Spit" I know, kinda gross but they are just a push up and since he is allergic to dairy, I found these to take it's place and he loves them. Look at the twinkle in his eyes!

Little miss Ivy LaRue loved to play on the slide. She insisted on wearing her new coat. I was hoping she didn't get grass stains on it.

Gray was so excited at catching some lady bugs and putting them in his bug box with grass. And yes, Gray had on his favorite coat and it was on the warm side in the sun.
Ivy loved hiding out in her playground cubby hole. Isn't she so pretty?
I love how Ivy's hair is sticking out. I called her Cindy Lou cause she reminded me of the little girl in the movie Grinch. This was our first trip outside in the morning before she spotted her new coat.
Have you ever seen Gray so happy? He was loving all the attention from Mimi. We had a fun day. It's funny cause Steph had gotten me a bunch of my favorite magazines to read while Ivy napped and I never had a chance to pick them up all day. While Ivy napped on my lap, I watched Gray play Wii and he was so excited to have an audience, he would high five me every chance he got. He's pretty good at golf. Later in the day he beat me at boxing....We did a lot of story reading throughout the day and the time flew by and before we knew it, the brother's were home from school. All of the neighborhood kids piled in the backyard and I passed out snacks to all. I felt like I took advantage of every minute of the day to make some memories that count with my grand kids and not just sit and watch them play. I got involved, I held, I read, I wiped dirty hands and faces, I hugged, I ran. I will never get a chance to do this day over and I can honestly say, I wouldn't want to do it over because it was a perfect day. I am truly blessed.


Bacardi Mama said...

I love this post. You are such a good mimi. The grandkids will remember days like these as much as you will. There is nothing like making a memory with the grandkids.

Erin said...

Love it and love you!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I knew you were the only one I could leave them with for that long. They had the best day.


chrissy said...

love this!!! Mim you are awesome and I love that you enjoyed by getting involved, great great memories for all!!!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

You ARE the best, best, best, BEST! What a wonderful day you gave to your beautiful grandkids. A day to remember FOR SURE. The love is such a gift... !!

Stillmary said...

I loved this post and I'm still smiling through tears that maybe only another grandma would understand. The pictures were beautiful and so was the story. I'm so glad you shared your day.

Stephanie said...

You sound like an involved and fun grandma! I love how much you love your grandkids. :)

Ivy is beautiful and her red + white striped coat is so fun. I can see why she would insist on wearing it!

P.S. What are your favorite magazines?