Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Capture/ Spring

Our assignment this week was to capture Spring. I tried to capture some interesting pictures this week that remind me of Spring. I have this Welcome flag in my front yard and it makes me happy to look at the colors.
I took this beautiful picture of what I think is a cherry tree on our March for Babies Walk. I love the vibrant color and the beauty it oozes.
I stood over a beautiful tulip on our March for Babies walk. I loved how it turned out.
These are my chickens and hens in the pot that my son got me for Mother's Day last year. I love how they spread and they stayed out all winter and came back to life. The green cabbage looking plants come up every year and spread also. They are great ground cover.
These are my fake Spring flowers I have in a pot in my office at work. I love to bring Spring into the workplace.
I took these pictures with my Nikon Cool pix S230. It is all the camera I need. I love how easy it is to use and it fits right in my purse.
Now, Go Spring on over to Beth's place to check out all of the Springtime master pieces. Join in on the fun.


kristenly said...

Great Spring Capture! I especially love the cherry tree... those are always my favorite!

Regina Lynn said...

Your chickens and hens plant is amazing!

Bec said...

I love Nikons ;) Just wait until you start itching for DSLR- you will find a way to get it into your purse. Just means a bigger purse!

Jen said...

I lovwe that chickens and hens plant!

Stillmary said...

Great pics, Rhona. I love how the tulip turned out that you shot from the top. And the pink cherry(?) tree looks very familiar to me from our walk, Nancy's post, and mine. lol AND, I thought we weren't allowed to shoot artificial flowers - or is that only when they're outside?

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Heavenly shots! I LOVE your chickens & hens and how they are flying the nesting pot! Your front flag is so happy and welcoming and SPRINGY!!