Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gung-ho! Carrots are growing!

Feb. 27, 2010 I lost a special friend & founder of the company I work for. Mahlon LOVED life and embraced it every day with more vigor than I have ever seen in a 92 year old person. He came in every morning and yelled out "Gung-Ho"! and raised his arm like he was marching in a parade with a baton in hand. I was the first person to see him every morning. Even if he were to leave the office during the day and come back in, he would repeat Gung-Ho every time.
Since I was his assistant I would open up all of his mail and pass on the important mail to him. He was semi-retired but still wanted to work.
After he passed away, I still had the job of opening up his mail. First of all, when Mahlon was alive, he gave to every charity & organization and subscribed to many magazines.
I would send back most of his mail after opening it letting them know of the circumstances and to stop sending. One day, I opened up a letter with a packet of Carrot seeds inside. I think it was from the charity, Feed the Children. I couldn't see discarding that packet of seeds. I decided to plant those carrot seeds in the one large pot on my front porch that needed something inside. I carefully planted and watered them in Mahlon's honor. In a few weeks, I noticed the small green sprouts popping thru the dirt. I was so excited. It made me feel like Mahlon was smiling down, happy that I did something with those seeds. Every day I check on them and say "Gung-Ho". This morning as I was leaving for work, they were huge, so I had to take a picture of them. I hope to be able to pull them out soon and have an orange carrot. This little packet of seeds has brought me so much joy. I feel like Mahlon lives on and that is just what he would want us to do. Embrace life and nature. He planted many seeds in his lifetime. He taught me so much and I sure do miss my friend, but this pot of carrots puts a smile on my face. Have a Gung-Ho day!


Bacardi Mama said...

What a sweet story. I'm sure Mahlon is watching those carrots grow and telling them "Gung Ho" every morning.

Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute to Mahlon! I needed that story today! Thanks for sharing!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Mom, I love this story. Have you told Don about Mahlon's carrots? LOL


chrissy said...

Beautiful tribute!! I love this!!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

This is a truly beautiful story... one that has such meaning and joy and belief in something bigger than all of us. Some people are so BIG that they stay with us in the most fascinating ways... looking down from heaven, nudging us, hugging us! Your carrots are all of the above plus sunshine, saints and simple miracles! Mahlon keeps on giving... forever and ever... through you especially! What a legacy! Love this story SO much! The beauty and meaning is in the simplicity of it all! Carrots! Thanks for sharing, Rhonda. I will never see a carrot without thinking of you and Mahlon! What a reach that is!!