Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween traditions

When my kids were growing up, we enjoyed the excitement leading up to Halloween. (No, these are not my kids). The shopping for the costumes, large pumpkins, candy to pass out, and even the container they would carry for their special treats. I remember being exhausted travelling from Grandparent's house to Grandparent's house to Aunt & Uncle's house, to Best friends house, then around our neighborhood. My kids were trained that we examine the candy before eating. Each would make their own piles and do their trading after we examined it. They would usually give Mike and I our favorite candies.
Some of my most enjoyable times were when I was their Room Mom in Elementary school and helped plan the parties. I can remember one year going to McDonald's and getting Big Mac containers donated to later change them into treat containers. We spray painted them black and added black pipe cleaners and turned them into spiders. My mom helpers and I had a blast working around my kitchen table. I was blessed to be able to work at their school, which made it a lot more convenient. The costume parade was a highlight of the school party.
A few days before Halloween we would carve the pumpkins at the kitchen table and I would usually bake the seeds. I loved how they would get so creative with their carvings. We would put a candle inside and sit out on the porch.
Now, I'm a grandparent and I get to enjoy opening the door to my little trick-or-treaters and await their arrival with camera. I look forward to my own grand kids and nephews kids coming by and meeting up with their cousins who they haven't seen in a while. And the neighbor kids. It's like a little family reunion. And the traditions live on....What's yours?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I remember those spider crafts! And I am glad you cleared it up that the photo is not us.


Sharon - Mom Generations said...

I remember trick-or-treating when I was a kid, especially when I lived in New Hampshire. We would head out in a big group of kids, with pillow cases for candy bags, a walk for MILES. It was awesome. When MY kids were young, Barry always went out with them to trick-or-treat and I gave out candy. I cannot imagine them running through fields, etc. like I did! NOW... Barry and I head to a great Halloween parade in our son Keith's neighborhood where all the neighbors decorate fabulously for it. Then we head to Adam's house (about 40 minutes away from Keith) to see his 3 kids all dressed up. We give out a little candy while the family goes out. Then we head to Audrey's (about 15 minutes from Adam) and give out candy there while her whole family trick-or-treats in their neighborhood! Busy night... but worth every second! LOVE IT!!

chrissy said...

We used to dress the kiddos up and run them to see the grandparents, but it's so busy now and t/t comes so early and ends so early there isn't any time. But we do t/t with family. For years everyone used to gather at our house and t/t from there and I get to sit out front with my neighbor and visit with our t/ters and our neighbors! For the past 3 years we've gone with Larbo's family in a nearby neighborhood! BUT this year our tradition at our old house is on!!! I'm so excited! I'm not the host, my cousin and his wife are the hosts, but our tradition is back on!! WOOT!! Even my oldest is excited!!