Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Power is mine

I had no desire to start a weight loss challenge 3 days before the New Year. I was going to start hard and heavy on Jan. 1, along with millions of other people, but my bestest bloggy buddy, Nancy, invited me to do this challenge with her. I feel like this is just what I need to get in gear for a healthier new year. The Shrinking Jeans have this new Challenge going on starting today and ending Feb. 23. This Challenge is all about being Number One and the Power we have in ourselves. We will weigh in every Wednesday and report our loss or gain. Hopefully I can report all losses. We are suppose to take a before picture. I have a list of 10 goals I am setting for myself during this challenge.
1. continue going to Curves every day the doors are open.
2. sit-ups on the exercise ball before going to bed each night.
3. walking as much as possible during the day and less sitting around.
4. drinking more water during the day.
5. watching my portion sizes during meals.
6. eating more fruits and vegetables.
7. making smarter snack choices.
8. when eating out, pay attention to healthier selections.
9. tell myself every day that I am worth this and I deserve to be healthy and happy.
10. stay in touch with my fellow challengers and get encouraged and encourage them.

The Power is up to me. No One except myself can do this for me. I am worth it. I AM #1 and will do the best I can. Thank you Nancy for encouraging me to give this challenge a try. I really want to feel better and I know that eating right and exercising is the Key. Now, I am going to get this started and report back next Wednesday, with hopefully some good news. Anyone who reads this and wants to join Nancy and myself in this challenge, hop on board and join us.
Dec. 29, 2010 is my new starting date to a new and improved #1 Me. Cause I'm worth it!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I'm so glad Nancy cheered you on with this ! You will do great!


Bacardi Mama said...

You are so worth it my sweet friend. We can do this together. I'm sure of it. Let's show these young pups that the old dogs can still bark. ((HUGS))

Sharon - MomGenerations said...

You can do this, Rhonda! You have me all inspired, too! I haven't done anything in awhile... helping with my Mom and the holidays. BUT you've got my mind in motion and I'm borrowing all of your goals... starting right this minute! xo!