Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday at the Movies with 4

I invited my 4 oldest grand kids to the movies to see "Tangled". Abby didn't want her picture taken but I managed to sneak in a few. Aren't these some handsome boys? Noah, Gray & Carter.It was such a fun Saturday with Gray, Noah, Carter & Abby. This was my first try at taking all 4 to the movies. I stocked my Big purse up with treats. The ride over there in my van was entertaining enough. They giggled and made each other laugh and just had a ball. I looked in the rear view mirror and thought to myself, how blessed I am. The cousins don't get together as much as they should. Usually just for Birthday parties or holidays.
After the movie was over I tried to sneak in a few pictures and you can see Abby not liking me sneaking them in.
I treated them to McDonald's after the movie and we came back to my house and played some more.
Abby is saying "hey, don't take my picture". She loved being around her boy cousins and asked me if they could all have a sleepover some time. It was so cute, when we were walking in the theater, her and Gray were holding hands. It was the sweetest thing. I know, my camera was buried in my purse, or I would have snapped a picture.

So, Abby finally let me take her picture. She made herself a birthday cake. She will turn 4 in March...she wanted me to lite the candle and sing to her.
Then it was time to take the boys home. We stayed for a little bit while Abby and Ivy played so sweet together. On the way back to my house, Abby said she liked Aunt Steph's house because it has an upstairs, like a castle. She wants to go back she said. Her daddy & mommy picked her up and I hopped in the shower and called it a day. I loved hanging out with the foursome!


Bacardi Mama said...

That sounds like the perfect day with your little sweeties. Now, let's get us together. I think Mary may need to get out now with her son leaving. Let's work on that.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

They had the best time. They are so handsome.


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