Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Power of One - Weigh-in Week #1

Drum roll first week of the challenge weigh-in produced a 2 lb. loss. I will gladly take this number. This has been a very rough week for me all around. I started getting sick last Friday and was on the couch most of the weekend and a visit to the doctor on Monday showed I had a Virus "Bad Cold". But, the doctor visit also gave some great news from blood work results from a month ago I had done. She said my cholesterol was perfect and everything else was great. My blood pressure was even normal and it had been high for so long. I felt like she gave me a clean slate to get this party started in the weight loss area. She was thrilled that I am continuing with my Curves work-0uts and I decided to start doing Zumba along with the Curves. My first Zumba class is Saturday morning. Curves is offering the Zumba classes along with the Curves work-out. I am really excited about this new work-out.
If I could say one thing that was a Challenge for me this week that I overcame was the left over cookies and specialty chocolates that was in my work place that people would bring in. I walked past the Fannie May Pixies and decided that I would choose a yogurt as my snack instead of the little chocolate enemies. This for me was a huge step! I am so proud of Me for this. I kept thinking, what would Nancy and my sister think if I told them I gave in to these little devils? I also pictured the candy on my hips.
Although this was a rough week for me with being sick and not getting to Curves as much as I could have I am still happy with my results.
I do have to say that I did watch my portion sizes during meals. My hubby and I went out to eat one time and I ended up giving him my twice baked potato because I decided that I really didn't want it. Now, that's another step in the right direction. And I ate only 1 slice of the homemade bread at dinner instead of half the loaf.
I feel like the Power in me is back and I can do this. I hope to report another loss next week.


Erin said...

I am proud of you. It's a step in the journey to healthiness!

Bacardi Mama said...

Look at you go my friend. Two pounds is awesome. You just had to hit your stride. Now, just don't go leaving me in the dust. I'm so proud of you!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

This is great, Mom!


chrissy said...

GREAT START!!! Hope you are feeling better!!

Sharon - MomGenerations said...

Oh, you've got THE POWER all right! You just made me decide to get in my running stuff and get outside for a bit! Thank you, sister Rhonda... from the bottom of my heart (and feet!). xo!

Christy M. said...

You're doing an awesome job, Rhonda! I'm so proud of you :)