Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Memories 2011

There are "two" missing in this picture...I wish all "six" of my grand kids could have been together Easter, but life isn't always fair. We still had a great day.
Steph's in-laws graciously invited Mike, mom and I for Easter dinner. I contributed by making a ham, new recipe of mac & cheese & the traditional pistachio torte.
After lunch and Ivy's much needed nap, I hid "94" plastic eggs filled with goodies, such as money and McD's certificates. I gave each a plastic crayon bank to put their change in. It was a big hit. To make the Easter egg hunt fair, Noah & Carter were told to only find 23 eggs each to give the little ones a chance. It worked out great cause they helped their other brother and sister. Team work! After it was all over, they got almost an equal amount of money.
It was a nice relaxing day but I did feel the loss of my dad not being there. We went by his grave on the way home and put a pot of Easter lilies there.

Just another milestone to get through. Another holiday come and gone.
I wish things would slow down so I can catch my breath.


E said...

Glad you were able to spend it with 4 out of the 6!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Isn't it wierd how the older we get the time passes much more quickly? I really understand...."slow down so I can catch my breath".