Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Gray!

This picture was taken last year on Grayson's 5th Birthday at Lincoln Park Zoo. What a fun day we had celebrating at one of our favorite places on earth. I could actually go to this zoo every week and never tire of it.
What can I say about my "Grayby"....He is a unique little man. He melts my heart when he Still likes to climb up on my lap and just sit. I have him a very special Birthday gift this year. I know it's something that he has been really really wanting. I can't wait to see his beautiful green eyes light up when he opens the box. We will celebrate his Birthday on Sunday with family. I have the pleasure of making him his special Birthday dessert....a chocolate torte with extra whip topping and sprinkles. Happy Birthday Gray....You are soooooo loved!!


Anonymous said...

Hope Gray has a happy birthday today and when ya'll celebrate it Sunday! Wish Aunt Diane could be there! Love ya'll P. S. Give him a hug and kiss for me!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Love him.


bluedaisy said...

It's so wonderful that you blog! I really wish my mom would too :)