Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Princess Abigail

Today is my grand-daughter's 5th Birthday. She is a princess and fashionista. Her world is a fairy tale. I've never seen a little girl who loves to play dress up like Abby. I asked her what she wanted for her Birthday and she told me she REALLY wanted a Jasmine outfit. Well, the Disney store does not have them in stock, so I ordered her the outfit, shoes and jewelry to match. She will be so excited to open it up when we celebrate her Birthday at her party on Saturday. She's having a movie party with my other grand kids. We are going to see "The Lorax" then coming back to my house for cake and ice cream. Should be a fun celebration! I called her this morning to sing Happy Birthday to her and she told me about waking up to a new purple and pink bike with balloons. She asked her mommy if she is still getting the Jasmine outfit. She really wanted it. It's so hard to wait until her party to give it to her. I love my little Abby so much and wish her the Happiest Birthday ever! She is a BLESSING!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY! Aunt Diane loves you! :) I can't believe you're already 5! We got to celebrate your 1st birthday @ my house, remember? I do!