Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Nate & Diane

Today is my son Nate's & Sister Diane's Birthday. When I found out I was expecting Nate, I had such a desire to have him on her Birthday, because She is so special to me. I went into labor on the evening of the 11th and he waited to be born the morning of the 12th. I can remember calling my sister to tell her she had a new Birthday nephew. She was so excited. I would like to wish them both a very Happy Birthday today and for God to pour out his blessings upon their lives.


Sharon - MomGenerations said...

Happy Birthday to Nate & Diane! What a most special, special day! My Mom's birthday is tomorrow! xo!

E said...

How fun! Happy birthday to them both! I, too, went in to labor on the 11th and had Laurel on the 12th, of January!