Friday, February 15, 2013

2 years ago...

Dear Dad,
It seems like yesterday that I was standing by your bedside at the Hospice center, making sure your lips were moist with a swab, dipped in water, combing your hair, putting lotion on your tattoo covered arms and wondering if this would be your last day on earth.  Your breathing was changing and nurses said, it won't be long.  Oh how I wished that you would have opened your eyes and be back to your normal self.  I wanted to see your smile one last time.  I wanted one last hug from my daddy. 
God needed you more.  It was your time to go.  I was amazed at how you waited until your loved ones were surrounding you before you gave the Angels permission to carry you up to meet your Heavenly Father.  What a Glorious Day it was for you.  We all were rejoicing for you, and at the same time, we felt such loss. 
When I look at the sky, I see you in the clouds.  When I see a penny, heads up laying on the ground, I know you sent it. 
I long to dream about you because I feel you near.  So, on this 2nd Anniversary of saying goodbye, I have hopes of seeing you again and saying hello...What a beautiful day that will be.
Your Baby Doll


Anonymous said...

tears . . . Dinder

E said...

Hugs and prayers

Bacardi Mama said...

((hugs)) xo

Anonymous said...
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