Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snowstorm of March 5, 2013

The weather forecast called for 8 to 10 inches of snow.  Some schools were closed even before the first snowflake fell, as they were anticipating the major snowstorm hitting and thinking of the safety of the children and how the buses would get around.  I went to work as usual and it started snowing around 9am but it wasn't sticking to the ground.  By Noon it was coming down pretty hard and steady and my boss decided to leave for home.  He told me and everyone to leave early if they think they should.  You didn't have to tell me twice to leave.  I did stick around til a little after 1:00 to finish up my work.  It was starting to get messy as I was on my way home.  Within about an hour of getting home it was like the sky opened up and poured buckets of snow on Portage.  It was almost a white out.  I made the right decision leaving when I did.  It was a very pretty snow, I have to say.  It was heavy and made the tree branches look so fresh and happy.  I let Halle & Lilly out in the backyard and tried to shovel a path for them to do their job.  They were romping and playing like little kids.  When Mike came home from work, he snowplowed a maze in the backyard for them to walk further.  They were so happy....I, myself, love snow.  I live in the right place, I guess.  I wanted to build a snowman but had no one to play with me, so I just watched it from the window.  So, after all was said and done, we got about 10 inches.  It might be our last big snow of the season.  I can say that I will miss it when it all melts away.

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Bacardi Mama said...

I wish we were neighbors. I would have made a snowman with you in a heartbeat. It really was beautiful. I too love snow. I think with the rain and 50 degree temps on Sunday, it will all be gone. At least we got one good snow this winter!!