Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

It was a different Easter this year.  The first Easter without Steph, Jeff, Noah, Carter, Gray and Ivy.  I went to Church and was greeted by my very happy Abby, who sat very close to me and melted my heart.  I love singing praises with her.  Jack is partial to his other Grandma (Breen), and sat on her lap.  He says he's going to marry her.  What a character he is.  On the church pew sat my daughter-in-law's twin sisters, in-laws, my daughter-in-laws parents and her niece and nephew.  In the picture is Jack, Lilah and Abby.  Cousins Lilah and Abby are joined at the hip.  They are super close cousins.  After seeing the movie "OZ", I call Lilah the China doll, because she looks just like her. 
Mike's Birthday was also on Easter.  So we had 2 celebrations.  After church, Mike and I went to pick up my mom for lunch, but she wasn't feeling good, so we went ahead to get a light lunch, since Mike was still full from the "6" eggs he ate for breakfast.  And it was all my fault for making him 2 egg McMuffins after he ate 4 boiled eggs...I tend to overfeed...
We were able to Skype with Steph and family before
I started cooking around 4:00 for our 6:00 dinner with Nate, Elsa, Abby and Jack.  It was an easy Ham dinner, Mike's favorite...Elsa brought Mike his favorite, fruit pie from Marilyn's bakery.  Abby and Jack opened their large eggs filled with candy and money after dinner.  It was a nice Easter. 

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