Monday, July 22, 2013

Perfect Sunday with the Grands

I took Abby & Jack home with me from church on Sunday while their mommy worked at the Porter County Fair where they had a booth set up to promote South Haven Christian School, where the kids go and she teaches.  When we got to my house, Jack was so excited because he learned his Bible verse in Sunday School, which was "Don't be afraid, for I am with you always".  So, I told him to tell Grampa his Bible verse, which he did.  We ate lunch then hopped in the pool until it was time to get ready to go check out the Fair and visit their mommy. We were on our way to the Fair and the excitement was felt.  Jack asked how far is the Fair...I told him about 15 minutes and he will see the tall Ferris wheel and know we are almost there.  When we arrived they clapped and I looked for the perfect, close parking spot.  God gave us favor cause I got one right in front of the entrance, about 10 cars down.  We didn't have to pay for our tickets because we got tickets provided.  That in itself is a blessing, since it's not cheap to just walk in the gates.  We first went into the building my daughter-in-law, Elsa was working, to say hi.  Then we proceeded down the hot black asphalt to check out my great niece, Bentley's animals she entered in the Fair.  If it were 5 degrees hotter, it would have been miserable.  We stay hydrated.  We walked into the cat judging and low and behold, Bentley was with her cat being judged.  She got a ribbon for having a lot of knowledge about her breed of cat.  She also entered a ferret, dog, sheep & goats, which she later won some more ribbons. 
The kids were anxious to check out the rides, so we headed towards the Ferris Wheel, where Grampa said he would ride with them.  Mimi does not do rides!  After getting wrist bands to ride on anything for 2 hours, which was the best for the buck, we were in line waiting to get on.  After they got off the Ferris wheel, Mike said Jack was afraid, so Mike told him to say his Bible verse, which Jack did.  And he said he did fine after that.  Good thinkin' Grampa!  So, it was a race to the next ride, one after another.  If they both didn't agree on a ride, we would split up and I would take one and Grampa would take the other...we never got lost or separated.  We had a system going and it worked.  Some rides they stayed on more than once.  Let me tell you, we got our moneys worth!  I took Jack on an airplane ride, which after riding he was afraid, then he told me he said his Bible verse and got back on it again.  He is a character!  I snapped as many pictures as I could.  It was a race to make as many rides before our wrist band would expire...then at 5 minutes past the time, they wanted to ride just one took Jack and Mike took Abby on a last one of their favorites...I have pictures to share but they wouldn't load.  Check out my Facebook for pictures.  It was a Great Sunday at the Fair.

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