Thursday, February 19, 2009

Angel of Hearts

Ok, so you are probably thinking, Is she crazy? Why is an angel tree topper holding red hearts? I confess.....I just took down my Christmas tree last Sunday. I decided to decorate it for Valentine's Day with Red heart ornaments. I came upon a huge clearance sale a few years ago on these red hearts and went wild, buying up all they had. I loved my little tree will all my snowbaby ornaments and tons of white lights, it just made me happy to look at it. I also came upon these little doll ornaments, would you believe at a yard sale during the summer? There were about 20 little dolls with a little ribbon on the back for hanging on the tree. They still had the original price tag on them. I think I paid a few dollars for the whole bag of them. My hubby asked me why I just didn't leave it up for Easter and hang eggs or rabbits on it. I actually thought about it but needed the table and space to put the new t.v.


Sharon - Mom Generations said...

It's beautiful, festive, happy... and such a warm and wonderful idea! I love it. I agree with Hubby that Easter eggs and bunnies would be kinda cute! Oh, heck... why not shamrocks, American flags, ghosts and pumpkins and turkeys for the rest of the year?!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

How cute. I love it. I have often thought about doing a year around tree too.

chrissy said...

Cute! Love it! Great idea.

Erin said...

Father God,
I just ask you to give peace and comfort to Rhonda, Lord. Give her relief from this terrible sinus infection that keeps coming back. It is hard to be worn down, Lord. Give her the strength to fight it off for God! :) We love you God, you are SO GOOD!

Hugs to you sweetie!