Monday, September 21, 2009

Mice, mice everywhere!

You have probably heard my story about our mice problem, well I have a topper to tell you about. First of all, when we had cats years ago, we never had a mice problem. We had to get rid of the cats, due to allergies. We have a large field behind our house and our friendly little field mice love our house. They love to steal the dry dog food out of the bowl and hide it in places that are not normal. We have found mounds of dog food under sofa cushions, hubby's work boots and even under the clean clothes on top of the dryer. This dog food is not cheap! It can only be bought at a Pet Store. I can just picture these mice, sitting back with a toothpick in their mouths and laughing.
So, yesterday, hubby was in the garage working on a project when he yelled for me to come and look.......I could not believe my the drawer of his Craftsman tall toolbox, which had the drawer pulled out, was a mommy mouse in a nest she had made and 4 or 5 babies were attached to her. She looked out at us with her beady eyes and just sat there. Hubby went to get a bucket and gloves to scoop them out of there but she decided to get outta dodge....She jumped about 4 feet to the ground with the babies attached and they ran behind some wood in our messy garage. I saw her peek her head out from behind the wood but we weren't able to catch her.
We did catch 3 inside the house this weekend with glue traps and we have poison packets from a pest control place under the house and in the attic. We do put the dog bowl up every night now because that's when they do their grazing and hiding food.
So, when I get in and out of my van in the garage, I run to the door until momma mouse and babies are caught. Help! The mice are taking over!


Erin said...

Honestly, just reading this post gave me a tight chest. I. DISPISE. MICE.

I cannot tell you how scared of them I am. When we lived in Oklahoma we had them in our duplex and I didn't even sleep there at night when Jack worked...I would drive 30 minutes down to Texas and sleep at a friend's house.

Good luck killin those NASTY creatures...thank God that God loves them because not many others do! ;)

Carolyn Vaughn said...

Too bad I'm not bringing Lily. She's a Westie and would probably enjoy chasing mice. Once we had so many mice in the garage that when Jerry would set a spring trap and turn his back, it would snap right away catching 3 mice at a time. This happened several times in a row. We had been keeping corn in an apparently not very secure container to feed squirrels but ended up feeding mice. Since we've had Lily we haven't had any mice in the house. She even catches spiders.

I can remember Granny standing on a chair in her kitchen because there was a mouse running around. We were siccing Puggy, the rat terrier, on it. Mom was not on a chair but that may have been because there wasn't any around.

Lisa said...

Gives me the chills thinking about mice in the house. Ugh!

Sarah said...

My kitties are very good mousers. I'm just afraid that one morning they'll bring me thier kill as a present!

chrissy said...

I know what your talking about! I don't like it either! It's crazy isn't it? No matter how many traps and how much poison is out they still keep coming back! It appears, that's the downfall to having a nice field!

Bacardi Mama said...

Reading this story gave me the creeps. I hate mice. I really, really hate mice.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

You don't even want to know what Gray did to a mouse today.


Tracy said...

Thank goodness we are not the only ones with mice problems right now. We live in the middle of nothing but trees and wooded areas and have started to notice mice also in our house. I am off to walmart to buy traps. Atleast we aren't alone.