Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jack's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Jack's 1st Birthday and he was really enjoying this chocolate super sized cupcake. Jack is a blessing to our family. He is a fun loving, sweet spirited little/big guy. I keep thinking that he just might be my last grandchild, but only God knows for sure.
As you can see, he enjoyed most of his first birthday cake. He was only allowed to eat a little bit due to it being almost bed time and what the sugar high would do.
I can't tell you the feeling I have in my heart when I see ALL 6 of my grand kids in 1 room together. They all climbed in Jack's sandbox he got for his birthday, minus the sand, of course. Carter is holding Jack, Gray, Ivy, Noah and Abby. These 6 blessings are my heart! And this was the first try at the picture....hooray!
Carter, the next Top Guy Model loves to pose and perform. He wore this scarf, his latest fashion statement. He was our entertainment for the evening, rocking out to Justin Bieber's songs. He has all the moves down! I think Carter just be my ticket to retirement some day!
Abby has a major crush on her cousin, Noah. She followed him around and tried to get him to notice her....She loves to give hugs and it is so sweet. Noah's smile is very contagious.
A very fun party!


Erin said...

Such cutie pie grandkids!

Bacardi Mama said...

Your blessings are as sweet as ever. And with Steph taking pregnancy tests recently, maybe you might have another grandbaby. Only God knows for sure. Happy Mother's Day my sweet friend!!

Erin said...

Steph was telling me how Jack attacked the cupcake! I loved seeing the photos.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

So fun!


Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Your day, your photos, your LOVE is endless... more grandbabies or not!! I wish you the most blessed of all Mothers' Days ever, surrounded with all the love in the universe... you already have it all!! Love you so very much... Sharon

chrissy said...

Jack really enjoyed that cupcake---love it! They are all so sweet and beauties! Gotta lov'em! Happy Mother's Day!

Stillmary said...

Great post. I love the pictures and the grandchildren in the sandbox one is the BEST! I can't believe you got that on the first take! I love Jack's expressions. He looks like a guy who takes everything in stride!