Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sister Vacation coming soon

Yesterday I found out that I am invited again next month to join my sister for her work conference in Sunny Florida at the most beautiful resort. I have so many mixed emotions about this trip. It will be my 3rd time going. I don't always talk from my heart on this blog because I want to keep it positive, but, I really wanted my husband to be able to go with me on this trip. Due to the economy and the hard hit it had on our finances, it's really not a good time for vacation. I have such a hard working husband and he doesn't take vacations often. I feel so guilty about going but he told me to go as long as he doesn't have to drive me to the airport and fight the construction. It's important to me to have his blessing about going. I don't get to see my Best Friend, my sister that often, maybe if we are lucky, once a year, and I look at it as a great opportunity to be with her. I do have vacation time I can use.
So, I had this brainstorm to raise money for my airfare by having a yard sale. In the next few weeks I will be gathering stuff I don't need anymore. It's a great way to earn extra cash and declutter at the same time. So, if things work out, in 39 days my feet will be planted on the sand for 5 1/2 days....hoping it's not oily. If so, there are 2 pools....see, I am thinking positive!
Thanks Mike for supporting my decision, I love you!


Erin said...

I am so glad you're going. You need that sister time, and what a great idea to raise money by doing a garage sell! Praying for you to have a successful time!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

I am so HAPPY for you! The bond you have with your sister is so wonderful, so perfect, so extraordinary! I think the yard sale is a great way to gather, declutter and SELL! I've heard that yard sales are HUGE this year because of the economy. Everyone is looking to get rid of stuff and everyone is looking for bargains! (I need to do this, too!) Here's a toast to your trip and burying Mimi's Toes in that lovely white sand!! (And I will add, yet again, that I am SO SO SO SO envious that your have a SISTER! I was talking with my Mom about this recently... and I told her that I STILL want a sister. She told me there's nothing she can do about it now!! You are so fortunate to have such a love like a sister's love!!)

chrissy said...

Your relationship with your sister is beautiful! I'm happy you are finding a way to make the trip work! Your plan is a fanatastic idea, I pray it goes very very well!

It's a Beautiful Ride said...

Good luck! I'm hoping you raise enough money to be able to go! I'm sure you'll find other cost cutting ideas between now and then!