Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I feel like I need to write to unload my mind.  It has been a whirlwind the past few months with my mom.  I decided to let her Dr. know that she needs physical therapy in-home, since she gets no exercise.  Her movements consist of walking from the lazy boy chair to the bathroom, to the kitchen to the bed, in which she is completely out of breath.  I made her a Dr. appt. for last Friday because she was complaining of another bladder infection.  She almost was not able to go because she was so weak and sick.  I told her it was either try to go or I would call for an ambulance.  She finally got ready and we made it over there.  The doctor scolded her for not finishing her last antibiotics from her last months bladder infection.  Then she told us her chest x-ray revealed she had congestive heart failure and that the infections are taking a toll on her heart.  She sent us home with MORE meds and I had to pick up a breathing machine for her 3 times per day treatments.  I spent the rest of the day running errands to get her set up with things she needed.  The Visiting nurse came to hook up a pulse oxygen machine to monitor her pulse oxygen every morning.  Sunday morning I did a pulse oxygen check and it was low.  That afternoon the visiting nurse calls to tell me that her oxygen level was way too low and she needed to be checked out.  So, we head on over to have her checked out and they ran a bunch of tests and the ER Dr. advised that she needed to be admitted to the hospital.  She was transported to the hospital.  She has been put thru lung and heart tests to see why the oxygen is low.  So far we don't have many answers other than when she is released, she will have oxygen in her home to use.  I have spent my week working during the day and running to the hospital after work.  I run to moms house to check on things and get the mail and keep things running around there, besides my own home.  Is it taking a toll on me?  I am too busy to wonder.  I am thankful she is where she needs to be right now and having the best of care.  When I get her home, I pray she will adjust on her own with the oxygen and everything else.  Thankfully we have Tracee, who comes 2 times per week for a few hours to do whatever we need done.  And we have the visiting nurses and therapists who come to check on mom. I am in the process of signing her up for meals on wheels.  I really don't mind cooking extra and taking her meals, but she would probably eat a more balanced diet if she had the meals on wheels.  There are so many decisions to make being a caregiver.  I do feel like I have a guardian angel watching over me and I'm not doing too too bad at this.  I will continue and wear a smile.


Bacardi Mama said...

I am sure you are doing an awesome job. Being the caregiver is hard. I've been doing it part time for a year now and it's not an easy job. I know you have a very special guardian angel watching over you both and he's very proud of his little girl. Love you, my firend.

Jackee said...

Just lost my mom on June 4th after taking care of her since 2005. CHF and COPD can drag you down, and those last years of life were very laborous for her. Take care of yourself - caregiving isn't easy. Be sure any meals on wheels are heart healthy, or she will spend more time in the hospital than out.
You probably should check in to assisted living facilities now, so that the process isn't wearing you down having to take care of two homes. Is she in a house or a town house? I know that you lost your dad a year or so ago, be sure her present Dr. watches for signs of depression in your mom and suggested antidepressents. This will help tremendously with her being compliant to meds and O2 use.
email me for any help I can be of service. ( Take a deep breath, and take care of you.

Tammy Bridegroom said...

I have a grandmother who is nearly in the same stage of care as your mom. Daughters trying to drive her to appointments and the store. She is suffering from copd and early alzheimers... so she forgets things, like taking her medicine. She refuses to move from her home, and it is SO easy to understand why. It's all she has left of my grandpa, and he's been gone for 3 years now. Of course it is taking a toll on you, but she's worth it, lol. You are a great daughter for caring for her, she is very blessed to have you.