Monday, January 7, 2008

7 Things You Don't Know About Me

I was tagged by Lori......I will try to pick some good ones....

1. I went to an Elvis Presley Concert in 1975, he died in 1977. Ticket price, only $10.00.
2. I've been to the Oprah Winfrey show 4 times, stood and talked 2 times.
3. I met my husband on a blind date, he arrived with roses.......
4. I can't wear purfume, cause I am allergic.
5. I found a missing child asleep under a rack in a large store that everyone was looking for.
6. I ditched school in 2nd grade to walk home to watch BOZO on t.v. "the grand prize game".
7. I ditched school in 11th grade to go home and watch "All My Children" with my best friend.

This was harder than you think....sorry if some are corny! Oh well, I tried to keep it interesting.
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Glass Half Full said...

On Christmas Eve night they had a special on WGN of old Bozo shows. Steve and I laughed so hard we cried!!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Mom, this is a great list! You always have the best stories!


Tracey said...

You found a missing child! Amazing... And I was on the Bozo show several times with my mom and our brownie troup. My best friend got chosen for a regular game and then couldn't participate in it cuz he got to do the Grand Prize Game! I was only InCREDibly jealous....

Life With All Boys said...

Ditched to watch Bozo! Love that one.

Mommy Instincts said...

I am super jealous about being on the Oprah Show. Next time you go, please invite me! LOL!

Or atleast tell me how I can get tickets!!!

p.s. I just went to dinner at a resteraunt right next door to Harpo Studios last night. When I said to my hubby, "Guess what? Harpo spells Oprah backwards, did you know that?" and he said "So that's what you get from a college education huh?" He was just joking, it was kinda funny. LOL